UPDATE: Wake DA is NOT Quietly Dropping the Dowless Prosecution . . . but

March 5, 2019 (Raleigh) — Now that questionable allegations have helped the NC SBOE nullify Mark Harris’ 905-vote Congressional victory, we grow concerned about the latest McCrae Dowless sighting. He showed up in court today and was told to go away. After reading the last sentence of this press release from the office of District Attorney Lorrin Freeman, we wonder what it means. Freeman MUST prosecute this case to the fullest and the indictments have already been issued, so . . . what “further investigation” do they need?

UPDATE: Hat tip to SBOE PIO, Patrick Gannon for clarification.

According to Mr. Gannon . . .

“It’s been made very clear that the indictments already issued are in connection with the 2016 election and 2018 primary and that the State Board and the District Attorney’s office continue to investigate the 2018 general election.”

He also gave yours truly a well-deserved rebuke for not getting the answer straight from the Wake DA Freeman’s office. So we reached out to them and Lorrin Freeman gave a brief elaboration, confirming Gannon’s explanation.

“Our original investigation involved the 2016 election and the 2018 primary, she said. Adding that they received further complaints from the 2018 general election and those are the reason her office referenced the “further investigation.”

They continued to investigate but will hold the 2016 charges “in abeyance” until the broader investigation is complete.

Thus, our initial fears are still alive. They very easily could drag this case out until after the elections and then cut a deal that would bury the truth.

Last month’s State Board of Elections “show trial” reversed a US Congressional election, so the voters deserve to know the complete story BEFORE they go back to the polls.