Isn’t that illegal?

Feb 24, 2020 (Raleigh) What-if games are for children, but how many lawsuits would have hit President Trump, had he delayed the Census long enough to overcome SCOTUS objections to returning a citizenship question to their survey?

Can we all agree that the Left would have spent millions in court until they could get a federal judge to support their position?

Sudden Census Foot Dragging

A February 12 news report hinted that new Census delays “could make it difficult for states to finish new [redistricting] maps in time for the 2022 congressional elections.”

Red states like Florida and NC will gain Congressional seats this time around and blue states like NY and California will lose.

This is how President Biden Harris is using the Census to help Democrats keep Congress in 2022.

Meanwhile, in North Carolina

One would think NC House Speaker Moore would at least be interested enough to file a federal suit against the Census Bureau to force their hand.

Instead, we get news of today’s 1:00 PM House Committee on Election Law meeting, where NC’s elections Director, Karen Brinson Bell seeks to delay this year’s elections. (See below).

That way, in 2022, big “Progressive” money can flood the state. Thus, Democrats can take more City Councils and County Commissions.

Question for gun lovers: How many Sheriff races would be postponed into next year.

How Legislatures Should Respond

  1. In NC, they should either impeach The Notorious K-B-B or make her get on with this year’s elections.
  2. In every red state, they should sue in federal court to make the Census Bureau meet their statutory deadlines.

Knowing how angry the Left would have been if Trump had delayed the census for his own reasons, will Patriots vent that same level of anger at their states’ lawmakers?

It’s time to act: #Sue4OurCensus