Judicial Collusion Triggers Civil Rights Crisis

Sep 24, 2020 (Raleigh) In case you took a nap and missed the last ten minutes or so, let’s catch you up on NC’s continuing crisis after our State Board of Elections and Attorney General Josh Stein colluded with Perkins-Coie attorney Mark Elias to devise a “consent decree” that guarantees November’s elections will be dragged into the courts.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest released a letter today, asking US Attorney William Barr to, “review whether this election interference necessitates federal intervention under the Guarantee Clause of Article IV, Section IV of the United States Constitution.”

He speaks of our constitutionally guaranteed “Republican Form of Government.” For those who are triggered by the R-word, let me explain. In Democracy, the majority sets the rules and two worlves join a sheep in voting on what’s for dinner. In a Republic, the Constitution sets the rules and nobody is above the law.

Here is why Forest, who’s currently running for Governor, is correct.

We are experiencing the greatest civil rights crisis America has seen since President John Kennedy activated the National Guard to force Alabama Governor George Wallace into obeying federal desegregation laws.

The move became part of our nation’s civil rights history. Federal laws had been enacted that gave black citizens the same education rights as white citizens, but Democrat governors were blatantly defying those laws and Alabama’s George Wallace became the focal point.

Federalized National Guard soldiers escort black children to school in defiance of Governor George Wallace’s desegregation efforts.

This time, the states are getting help from activist judges as they quietly rig laws that most people wouldn’t notice until the elections are over. The net effect is a larger scale of 2000’s Bush-Gore debacle. Only this time, so many states will have elections drawn out for months and our nation will collapse.

Here’s how the Forest letter described the move:

This week, in the case of N.C. Alliance for Retired Americans, et al. v. N.C. State Board of Elections, et al. the Democratic Attorney General and the Democratic-controlled Board of Elections entered into a collusive agreement with the Democratic plaintiffs to enact, without the consent of the legislature, wholesale changes to the absentee ballot laws of North Carolina. They have effectively gutted provisions that ensure a quick resolution of the election, witness requirements for absentee ballots, and the requirement that the in-person drop-off of absentee ballots be by the voter or the voter’s near relative. These provisions of our election law were put into place by wide, bipartisan margins to prevent the disaster that happened in the 2018 election for North Carolina’s 9th U.S. House District, which was voided because of illegal ballot harvesting.

Last night, Ken Raymond and David Black, the only Republicans on NC’s five-member State Board of Elections, both resigned their seats in protest.

Raymond’s letter objected that “AG Josh Stein’s office did not advise us of the fact that a lot of the concessions made in the settlement have already been denied in a prior case by a federal judge and another case by a state court
three-judge panel.”

Among the litany of grievances in Black’s letter, we learned how an opinion from the NC Attorney General’s Office had warned, “the likelihood of prevailing in court would be slim,” as he urged “negotiation” with Elias. But when a Democrat SBE and a Democrat AG get sued by a Democrat lawyer, guess who dictates the terms of surrender?

Where are the other leaders?

We’re elated that the second-highest-ranking state official in North Carolina has urged the Feds to help us restore the laws that were passed by the legislature, signed by the governor, and nullified by a back-alley drug deal.

Since Cooper is a Democrat and he hired Bell, we understand his silence.

But what about the other Republican leaders?

Where is Senator Thom Tillis and that other Senator?

Where is NC House Speaker Tim Moore?

Senate Pro Tem Phil Berger issued a fantastic screed against the consent decree, but talk is cheap?

When will they lend their voices to the only elected leader in NC who gets it?

Election integrity is the civil rights crisis of our time.