New Democrat Ballot Harvesting Strategy Exposed by Leaked Email

Oct 30, 2020 (Raleigh) — Leaked email from the NC Democrat Party has exposed massive plans of a “supplementary project” that will deploy volunteers into key districts after Election Day in order to harvest enough corrective or “curing certificates” during the three nine days allowed mandated by law activist judges in order to flip any close losses.

“Their project is a lot like the Democrats’ ballot harvesting efforts used in 2018 to try and steal Mark Harris’ congressional victory,” said Jay DeLancy, Co-Founder of Voter Integrity Project – NC. “Though complicated, their new and improved plan is far more dangerous.”

Screen shot from leaked NC Democrat Party email by “Regional Voter Protection Director” Brandy Bender.

In part, the NCDP’s Regional Voter Protection Director, called Brandy Bender, solicited volunteers to “knock on doors of voters whose ballots have been rejected in order to ensure that these voters submit a cure certification or new ballot or vote in person.”

Brandy Bender (Courtesy of LinkedIn)

Suggesting a major amount of coordination, the email mentioned “ten distribution centers” around the state that will help speed up the transfer of documents generated during the post-election canvassing operation.

For the record, Voter Integrity Project fully supports any and all efforts to make every legal vote counts, but that work should stop as end as the results are announced.

“We would never want to take away somebody’s lawful vote,” said DeLancy, “but the trouble begins after the Democrats learn the spread and they send people into any districts where their candidate lost a close election.”

It is still unclear how they plan to handle the completed ballots Democrat canvassers can harvest after Election Day, since the law requires their being postmarked the day before the election; but postmarks are not required for documents involving ballot curing.

The act of curing a ballot envelope effectively creates a new vote after the election is over, because it comes from someone whose ballot would have otherwise been thrown out.

“These emails exposed a variation of the Democrats’ 2018 success story in California, where they overturned seven Republican congressional races several weeks after the election,” DeLancy said. “Depending on the margin of victory, their new and improved ballot harvesting operation is a proven game changer.”


Click here to download a full copy of the leaked NCDP email.