Leftist group targets VIP in Bladen County

Oct 25, 2021 (Elizabethtown, NC) Voter Integrity Project founders, Jay DeLancy and John Pizzo have all been honored to be targeted by American Oversight, the same Leftist group that started targeting President Trump shortly after the 2016 elections.

The request focused on any suspected email communication that current and former VIP associates (and VIP non-associate, Matt Braynard) may have had with Bladen County officials.

Among the alleged recipients of VIP’s email to  Bladen County, involved all five County Board of Elections members, the county’s Director of Elections and persons alleged to be part of the Bladen Improvement Association, a race-based activist group that came under scrutiny for suspicious political and financial activities.

To view full text of this request, please click the above image.

“We’re flattered by this big DC group’s sudden interest in our organization, but it’s puzzling to Bladen’s inclusion,” said DeLancy. “Maybe this is a coincidence, but the biggest issue we have involving Bladen County is the upcoming trial of McCrae Dowless.”

In an unpublished newspaper interview, DeLancy told News & Observer investigative reporter, Tyler Dukes, that Dowless was the designated “fall guy” in the NC State Board of Elections 2018 “ballot harvesting” scandal that succeeded in getting Mark Harris, an elected US Congressman, thrown out of office.

“It was like the Trump-Russia Collusion hoax, with Harris as Trump and Dowless as the Russians,” said DeLancy, “but unlike Trump, Harris agreed to testify and they tripped him up on his words and threatened perjury charges if he didn’t resign.”

Less than six weeks after her agency forced Harris out of office, North Carolina’s State Board of Elections Executive Director Kim Strach, publicly admitted, “we did not find ballots that were harvested,” and there were only “one or two cases” where harvested ballots “potentially” were collected and then not turned in.

“The upcoming trail will reveal how election officials colluded to oust a lawfully elected US Congressman, over a crime that never happened,” said DeLancy, “and since we’ve been proving that fact for the past two years, their sudden interest in VIP reeks of desperation.”

Leftist media manipulator, David Brock

According to Influence Watch, American Oversight, founded in 2017, shortly after Soros activist, David Brock, led a meeting to map out the Left’s response to concerns over their side losing the 2016 election with a mission to “generate Anti-Trump media coverage.”

Oversight continued, “As of the end of 2018, at least 11 of American Oversight’s 17 staffers and three of its four board members have known career histories with major left-wing organizations, Democratic Party campaigns, or Democratic officials

“Amazingly, American Oversight received $3.8 million in donations during their first year of operations,” said DeLancy, ” so who says hating Trump doesn’t pay?!”