Leftist Hate Group Covers Their Tracks

Oct 29, 2020 (Raleigh) About a week ago, our attorneys alerted us to a website that facilitated the doxing (or worse) of Donald Trump supporters, but they’ve since covered up their alarming rhetoric with a softer approach.

Their Oct 20 website update incited their patrons by equating any and all Trump supporters as “racists,” by pitching their interactive mapping pages as a useful tool to identify “Americans that give money to support a racist.” Below is a screen grab from that date:

Note the original URL was “donaldtrump.watch.” Now the group has redirected that domain name to a more bi-partisan search tool. The good news is that it doesn’t work as well as it once did.The bad news is that it keeps being modified as if some big money is refining it.

Now for some not-so good news: Other than the hateful rhetoric, the site is completely legal. For years, another site, OpenSecrets.org, has enabled the public to look up any fat cats to see which politicians they supported.

Besides the inflammatory actuation equating free speech to racism, there were two unique features that made the original page extremely disturbing:

Then as now, it reported the data as an interactive map as if it intended it’s patrons to go over and burn down their neighbors’ houses because they gave donations to the Trump campaign.

As if that were not bad enough, the site reported some of my neighbors who had given as little as little $21 to the Trump campaign.

The tiny contributions are public because the McCain-Feingold (or the 2002 Bi-partisan campaign finance reform act) requires campaigns to report donations in excess of $200. It also punishes any campaign that fails to report somebody who incrementally exceeds that $200 minimum. As a result of the insidious loophole, campaigns avoided any innocent mistakes by reporting all individual donations, no matter how small.

to be clear, the Supreme Court has ruled that political contributions are free speech. But naturally, a Kennedy-era court sided with McCain and allowed the spending limits and financial rigging to begin.

An effect of this law was to stop rich donors from pooling their resources directly to a candidate and this was fine to our ruling elite because it would help prevent the rise of another Ronald Reagan.But they couldn’t quite kill off free speech, so a rich millionaire was still allowed to self-finance a campaign.

This is why your local parties spend so much time recruiting the kinds of candidates who could buy their way into office.

It’s also how John McCain’s unintended consequence was the rise of… you guessed it… Donald Trump! But for reelection, Trump needed to tap into donors and that brings us back to a website that endangers all of us.

A leftist group created the site to strike fear in the hearts of anybody expressing free speech by donating to a political cause with which they disagree.

Yes, this seems dangerously un-American, but the American thing to do is go out meet your neighbors!

Maybe we should ask them if we can still disagree without killing each other.

~ jd