VIP Myth Busting After Herres’ Prosecution

May 30, 2018 (Raleigh) — Yesterday, we reported the indictment and prosecution of Hoke’ County fraudulent voter, Roger Adam Herres, and how his slick attorney timed his plea deal. It came the day after the 2016 November election in order to minimize public awareness of this man’s deliberate felony.

Today we will take a moment to “myth bust” some of the implications of the Herres prosecution. VIPs FLANC Project got him busted, but it wasn’t easy to get him prosecuted.

  1. Only Republicans commit vote fraud. False . . . While it is true that VIP’s first indicted double voter, Steven Curtis (“Chip”) Thompson II, had a Republican voting history. It is also true that our first convicted double voter, Pasco Parker, tended to vote Republican. But the dirty secret about vote fraud appears to be that District Attorneys have not prosecuted any of the Democrat double voters we identified to election officials.
  2. VIP can conduct another FLANC investigation. False . . . because election officials don’t like private citizens looking over their shoulder. As a result, their Chief IT guy, Marc Burris, modified their website look-up tool. His action made it impossible to match Florida and NC voters with 100% certainty. In his defense, it was a site vulnerability we exploited for noble purposes. Others could have tried the same action for more nefarious reasons. The only way to fix this problem is for the Legislature to change the law that declares pretends a person’s date of birth is “confidential information.”
  3. No other FLANC cases have been prosecutedMostly false . . .  because nobody is required to tell us when a FLANC prosecution actually happens. We have repeatedly asked the NC State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement (NCSBEEE) to provide details of our criminal referrals. But that would be a “report” and they are not required to produce reports for private citizens. Fair enough since anybody could flood them with requests to produce reports and they would never be able to do their primary jobs.
  4. The penalties scare people from committing vote fraud. False . . . The penalties are too low and the burden of proof is too high. There are still two Charlotte-area double voters who got away with the crime. Getting them prosecuted was the driving force behind our ill-fated effort to stop Mecklenburg County District Attorney, Andrew Murray’s US Attorney nomination. In Mr. Murray’s defense, he cited the difficulty he faces in proving the voter “intended” to commit fraud. The US Senate confirmed him late last year. We hope that “intent loophole” for vote fraud will change one day but for now . . . it ain’t vote fraud unless it gets prosecuted.”
  5. Election investigators would have never caught Roger Herres. True . . . because, in all of America, very few states have the will and the manpower to investigate such low-level crimes as vote fraud. The only reason Heres was ever caught was that Voter Integrity Project performed the job that government officials are too busy to perform.

But don’t just take our word for it. Ted Bell, the DA who investigated and prosecuted Pasco Parker, had high praise for VIP’s hard work!