Marxist Monday Mob Invades W-S for “Our Selma” March

July 13, 2015 (Winston-Salem) — We’re finally able to show images of the well-funded “our Selma” rally and protest march, staged Monday, in conjunction with opening arguments for North Carolina’s “trial of the century,” to determine the merits of the GOP Legislature’s ban on several fraud-friendly provisions embedded in our state’s election laws over more than 100 years of one-party rule. (Scroll to the bottom for links to the video upload.)


The NAACP promoted this march as an invitation for those who want to harness the righteousness of the 1960s civil-rights movement and transfer those feelings in a rage against the movement toward honest elections. This parade had the look and feel of any other parade . . . only with a disturbing militant Marxist flavor to it.

Shut it down 1

The most radical element in the march carried this banner as their followers jumped up and down and shouted anarchist slogans. As the video will show (Part 1, starting at the 1:54 point), angry people following this banner were one of the largest groups represented in the parade.

The leader (shown center, above) carried the second portable megaphone we observed that day and shouted slogans that elicited angry responses from his followers. Aside from the standard, “no justice–no peace” mantra, his militant challenge-and-reply sloganeering, repeated over and over, went as follows:

Mob: “This is what Democracy looks like.”

Mob: “This is what Democracy looks like.”

Mob: “This is what Democracy looks like.”

Mob: “This is what Democracy looks like.”

Him: “No justice”

Mob: “No peace!”

Him: “No justice”

Mob: “No peace!”

Him: “No justice”

Mob: “No peace!”

Him: “No justice”

Mob: “No peace!”

Him: “What we gonna do?”

Mob: “Shut it down.”

Him: “What we gonna do?”

Mob: “Shut it down.”

Him: “If we don’t get it . . .”

Mob: “Shut it down!”

Him: “If we don’t get it . . .”

Mob: “Shut it down!”

Him: “No justice”

Mob: “No peace!”

(blah blah blah)

Elsewhere . . . Some Churches Show No Fear of Political Activism

A wide range of "rainbow" churches were also showing their support for the cause of corrupt election laws in NC.

A wide range of “rainbow” churches were also showing their support for the cause of corrupt election laws in NC. We wonder if any big  churches would have the courage to join VIP in hosting election observer training classes in anticipation of the 2016 elections.

Click image to learn whether or not your church or denomination has helped support the NAACP’s fight against honest elections.


Lest any Bible-believing churches decide to form an opposition political movement, they can rely on aggressive litigation from Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. We suppose famed Village Voice author,  Nat Hentoff was right: Free speech for me doesn’t necessarily equate to free speech for thee.

There is no way of knowing how many union members marched with the "shut it down" mob, but these two banners confirm their participation in the "our Selma" events.

There is no way of knowing how many union members marched with the earlier “shut it down” mob, but these two banners confirm their overall participation in the Marxist or (as they claim), “Moral” Monday protest supporting fraud-friendly election laws.

Gay Partners

Rewarding Rev. Barber for his opposition to the North Carolina’s 2012 Marriage Amendment–and betraying the vast majority of North Carolina’s black churches who supported a Biblical definition of marriage–local “gay rights” activists joined the NAACP parade in opposing any laws that could help curb vote fraud in North Carolina.


Empty slogans, like “Grow Voters, Don’t Prune Them” and “No Voter Left Behind,” sound good, but the implications involve leaving lots of voters on the rolls long after they’ve moved away . . . even dead voters! The net effect is that hundreds of thousands of voters can have their identity stolen at the polls without their knowledge. Using non-photo voter ID makes this task as easy as handing out pieces of paper. If one were to think (instead of just chanting empty slogans), calling voter ID an act of “disenfranchisement” is as loopy as calling locks on the doors “discriminatory” against thieves. And finally, their most-prized fraud-friendly achievement, same-day registration, allows voters to magically  “move” from their safe partisan districts and vote in a swing district without ever actually moving anywhere! This paperwork transaction was once foolproof in NC.

Democracy NC

The [George] Soros-backed “non-partisan” group, Democracy NC, distributed numerous pre-printed posters throughout the mob. Four such posters are shown above (rt image) with the Democracy NC logo circled in blue.

Now for some higher resolutions of the individual photos shown in the montages. . .
24 2627

We counted four portable megaphones. All were nice and new looking.

We wondered how much those things cost.

Keep reading (and scrolling) if you wonder who paid for them.
Megaphone 22Shut 7shut 2

Religion In Politics . . . “two of Sharon’s “most boogery” subjects.

The “Standing on the Side of Love” propaganda campaign, underwritten by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, functions as an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) corporation that strictly supports Leftist causes. At this NAACP event, the cause was election fraud. Normally the Left attacks 527s as “shadowy,,” but that sort of pejorative characterization only applies when the campaign is for conservative causes.

According to their IRS Form 990, their total 2013 revenue was $11,648,469 in tax-deductible donations and grants. They also have an endowment worth $11,281,318. The 2013 campaigns they supported (with dollar amounts) are as follows:

“Rights in humanitarian crises” ($3,290,106)

“Environmental Justice” ($1,020,496)

“College of Social Justice” ($724,610)

“Protection from unlawful government intrusion” ($591,563)

“Economic Justice” ($536,509)

To review their complete 2013 IRS Form 990, please click here. (Hat tip to Lady Liberty)

Among their more interesting grants to outside organizations, they gave $30,390 to The City School in Dorchester, MA, “to provide youth leadership development and social justice programming.” They also gave a paltry $5,000 grant to the NC Council of Churches for “faith communities seeking transparency on torture.”

Fearing similarly funded groups emerging that might oppose such leftist organizations, it’s no wonder the IRS employed Alinsky tactics to target constitutional and Tea Party groups that sought the same sort of tax-exempt status as SOTSOL. According to USA Today, such groups were hit with overly intrusive demands, like “requests for copies of Facebook postings, the content of prayers, political beliefs of members, résumés of board members and dealings with the media.”

Oddly, while the leadership of NAACP and others on that side of the political spectrum spend a lot of time denying the existence of vote fraud, they sure do spend a lot of energy and money to make sure no laws get enacted that might mitigate the risk of vote fraud. In the immortal words of Willie Shakespeare’s Queen Gertrude, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

Back to the parade . . .

Heart-shaped logo is from SOTSOL.

Heart-shaped logo is from SOTSOL.


Yet another SOTSOL banner! We sure hope next years IRS-990 form they submit will divulge how much they gave to this protest march.


Numerous churches joined in to support a continuation of fraudulent electoral processes in NC. Here are some of the ones who carried banners for the struggle.






American Friends Service Committee is another tax-exempt church organization that practically launders donations for political action on numerous left-wing causes. http://afsc.org/


And if any churches joined in this political issue (or any others) from a right-of-center perspective, we wonder how long it would take for them to attract numerous entangling lawsuits from groups like this one: Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

While it was widely reported that out-of-state unions were supporting this parade (and the nationwide push against honest elections), there were only two union banners on display and the number of people behind the banners was also very small. There is no way of knowing if others from these two organizations might have been disbursed elsewhere in the march.

sign 220

To hear the disturbing audio led under this banner, click this link to Part 1 of our parade video coverage and fast forward to the 1:50 point. In the background, you will hear an angry mob yelling, “shut it down!” To the uninitiated, the term “workers’ rights” is generally associated with hard-core Marxist groups, but we have yet to determine the origins of the group holding this banner. Also, the group lacked the media savvy to pub their banner in such a position that the news media would be able to read the banner, so we never could get a very clear shot at it.


The man with the black t-shirt (left side of the below image) was the megaphone-wielding vocalist for the “shut it down” parade element:

Voting rights (shut it down)

There were a hodge podge of other groups who voted in solidarity with people opposed to honest elections.26 24


14 No idea what this is about, but the parade brought out all kinds of folks!


As promised, click the following two images to see the complete videos of Parts 1 & 2 of the parade.
Part 1

Part 2
Bonus Room: Raleigh’s WTVD 11 reported on an undercover video from a Republican activist that implicated union funding for this march and for the highly-funded “Moral Monday” weekly protests, promoted by NC-NAACP. Please click here to view the news report of the allegations & the supporting undercover video. (You may also click the image below to see the video.)

Union story

Click the above image to view the news report of the allegations of out-of-state unions’ involvement in the parade.