Massive Election Integrity Victory in California

Jay DeLancy briefs training audience at VIP’s 2013 Raleigh Bootcamp.

Jan 4, 2019 (Los Angeles) — In a consent decree that will have a significant impact on the 2020 elections, the Election Integrity Project California has forced the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters to remove up to 1.565,000 Inactive voters from the county’s voter rolls and the Californian Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, to mandate strict list maintenance procedures in the state’s 57 other counties.

The lawsuit, brought by the Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) and represented by Judicial Watch, marks a win for the citizens of California and for the entire election integrity movement.

“The evidence we provided was so compelling, that they had to come to the agreement,” said Linda Paine, President of EIPCa. “As we’ve said from the beginning, the other side had no argument for not complying.”

The case, Judicial Watch et al. vs Dean Logan et al. (CV-17-8948) pitted David vs Goliath and District Judge, Manuel L. Real, appointed in 1966 by Lyndon Johnson, ruled in favor of the Plaintiffs, who alleged the election officials had not removed a single Intactive voter from their rolls in more than twenty years.

The Court was so enraged by the evidence, collected and documented by EIPCa, that they left the case open and authorized both Plaintiff organizations to monitor future elections in all 58 counties in California. If the Plaintiffs discover noncompliance on the part of California and Los Angeles County election officials, they can go back to the Court without filing a new suit.

“California has ignored NVRA since 1993 when President Bill Clinton signed the law and exempted California under a Memorandum of Understanding,” said Linda Paine, President of EIPCa. “When the state finally did bring a statewide database online in 2016, we began getting complaints from numerous citizens who told us their voter registrations were being changed without their knowledge or permission.”

Each of those voters was required to vote provisionally and this added to other problems that caused more than a million provisional ballots in the 2016 California elections. (As a frame of reference, NC had around 60,000 provisional ballots cast in 2016.)

According to EIPCa’s Linda Paine, the specifications of the on-line database, called VoteCal, had been tailored to rule out any contractor except one: The same company that provided the web platform for Obama Care.

From their press release: EIPCa considers this a “colossal” win. By bringing California, the most populous state in the union, into legal compliance with respect to its unmaintained voter rolls, the settlement, when performed, will have a major impact across the nation. Los Angeles County has over 10 million residents, more than the population of 41 of the 50 United States. California is America’s largest state with over 38 million residents.

EIPCa has worked with the Voter Integrity Project since both groups’ 2011 inception. Linda Paine was a featured speaker at VIP’s first 2013 Bootcamp, held in Raleigh, NC. And in 2014, VIP Director, Jay DeLancy spoke at a Reno, NV training conference, co-hosted by EIPCa and former Nevada Senatorial Candidate, Sharon Angle.

“Too many political pundits have written off California, openly suggesting that we succeed from the union,” said DeLancy, “but the old adage is still true. ‘As goes California, so goes America’ and that’s why this win is significant in the rest of the country.”

California officially joined forces with other statewide election integrity organizations in 2016 to form the Election Integrity Alliance. In addition to VIP, the group’s charter members are the Virginia Voters’ Alliance and the New Hampshire Taxpayer Coalition. Other states have expressed varying degrees of interest in joining the national alliance, but are still in an “observer” status.