Media Meltdown Over AZ Audit & WIIFM

Proverbs 27:1 “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.” (NIV)

Sep 27, 2021 (Sanford, NC) Too many pundits are hyping the Arizona audit’s results in terms of what’s “gonna” happen next. Let’s instead focus on what did happen and how responsive state governments might address the problems.

First off, media minions all keyed on one specific fact that demoralizes many Trump voters, while the same media ignores the alarming details about the last week’s full forensic audit report. Today’s podcast looked at 1) the media meltdown, 2) a few of the more important problems uncovered in the Arizona, and 3) how this impacts North Carolina’s electoral processes, or What’s In It For Me?

Starting with the media. . .

Other gloating of their nothing-happened theme can be seen with a routine Google Duck-Duck-Go search for terms like “Arizona audit results” or “Cyber Ninja report,” but you’ll have to sort through a lot of chaff in order to find the wheat. That’s why we recommend using Telegram’s “NC Audit Force” thread.

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In addition to the Newsweek article referenced above, Here are some links to a few more of their gaslighting reports:

From Reuters, we get, “‘Truth is truth’: Trump dealt blow as Republican-led Arizona audit reaffirms Biden win.”

From MSNBC’s Maddow Blog, we were treated to this jewel, “Arizona’s sham audit was a fiasco, but the GOP’s scam endures.”

Searching on any key terms referencing the audit will garner a mountain of similar headlines. The “mainstream” media has their messaging set and it goes something like this: “Trump lost and the results didn’t change, so get over it!”

What Really Happened?

Yes, the final score from Nov 3 pretty much matched the final score tallied last week, but there’s still on tiny problem: How did they arrive at their final vote results?

For somebody who has nothing to hide, election officials in Maricopa County–and North Carolina for that matter–all act as if they’re hiding something.

Starting with this well-crafted Arizona Capitol Times (ACT) report that that comes with refutations of some audit findings, “Ninja report insinuates wrongdoing, Fann calls for probe,” we see the misdirection continues.

For example, Cyber Ninja audit reported, “that 9,041 more ballots were returned than were received.”

The helpful ACT reporters helpfully said this alarming discrepancy “can be explained by protected voters, whose addresses aren’t included in the Final Voted File to protect their safety.”

Um. It can also be explained with lots of other non sequitur excuses. How about aliens or unicorns? Or how about the old standby, Covid?

Just one question: When did protecting a voter’s address from disclosure morph into hiding whether or not the person even voted?

Simple questions like this are why their Attorney General Mark Brnovich should act on Senate President Fann’s referral letter by getting election officials to explain what happened, not through the media, but under oath.

One other issue completely ignored in media reports involves 37,000 suspicious queries into the key server that had the function of overwriting prior queries and removing them from the system’s even logs. The fact that this happened shortly after the court ordered Maricopa County election officials to turn over those logs and we get more questions that need to be answered under oath.

Meanwhile, in North Carolina

Just one AZ admission is enough to raise a suggestion on how to improve voter confidence in our elections.

Fann’s referral letter noted something that every state should consider: The election machinery is so locked down that nobody, besides the vendor, can peek inside to see how the machinery and software operates.

No private company should be trusted with the keys to our democracy. If a county doesn’t even have administrator passwords for its vote-counting machines, the county cannot properly monitor its own elections.”   (AZ Sen Pres Karen Fann)
We agree, but only in part. Yes, it’s a terrible idea for only the people who sold us the machines to have access to its inner workings. Election officials do need to have the keys to elections, but so should at least two other outside entities. All election records could be duplicated, analyzed, and stored by three unrelated governmental bodies a a means of preventing some forms of fraud. Besides the NCSBE, maybe the State Auditor or the Secretary of State should have duplicate records. But, while we’re at it, how about creating a Legislative Inspector General team that has wide latitude to ensure the integrity of our elections?
We recommend at least two avenues for funding this proposed IG team. First, start by reprogramming some of the legislative staff billets. Next, we propose chopping over some SBE employees? How about those federally funded cyber experts? Among other things, those guys are paid by the Feds to protect the software side of our election black boxes.
Maybe it’s a bad idea to let the same people who control the elections also control the people inspecting the process. Jus’ sayin’…