Virginia vote fraud and “nonpartisan” map makers

. . . and how you can stop them.

October 5, 2021

Today’s podcast (linked at the bottom) covers two topics, in this order:

a) The warnings and indicators that Virginians should watch out for in their upcoming statewide elections; and

b) How to beat the “nonpartisan” redistricting map makers as they find ways to cheat their way into a Democrat majority.

Last night’s County Commission meeting in Sanford, NC, featured a robust discussion over how their districts would be changed by the latest census data.

The three-Democrat minority side of the Commission supported a map that focused primarily on the racial mixture of the districts and (supposedly) paid no attention to the political impact of their new lines.

The Democrats made a motion to support a bizarre map that clearly had two gerrymandered devil horns that would be thrown out of some future courtroom.

It was purely a coincidence that the other four maps all “happened” to flip the majority control of the County Commission from Republican to Democrat.

“Coincidence” was the con of the night. . . until it failed.

You see, the “Unaffiliated” county employee responsible for drawing the maps “just happened” to create all five of the proposed maps, so it was all as pure as the driven snow.

Such action may have swung the partisan mix enough to create a Democrat majority.

All previous questions about the partisan impact of those maps had been shut down with great piety. The silencers all claimed the “nonpartisan” map expert did not look at voting behavior and cannot obtain those figures without getting the county into legal trouble.

Translation:I have to give the Left everything they want or else.

The hilarity came when an independent map maker designed a map that maintained the county’s current partisan mixture, while actually following the Legislature’s guidelines better than the five previous proposals!

As soon as the Democrats realized they had been beaten, one of them started complaining about the the 600 voters that would be brought into his “minority-majority” district from “a Republican district.”

The same people who had been touting the racial virtue of their proposed maps were suddenly truthful when the new map maintained the Republican majority . . . with no help from the “nonpartisan” county employee responsible for the maps.

One of the Republican commissioners realized the hypocrisy and pointed out that the number of minority voters in that district would only drop by 1 percent.

We later checked and it looks like that 1 percent equates to 50 people and it will not be enough to trigger any sort of legal action, in our opinion.

The takeaway for the viewer is that you need to learn the map-drawing rules and find somebody who can tackle running the public-domain software that the Left uses.

In order to cheat, they have to bend or break their own rules. You can beat them by both catching them when they break the rules and by applying the rules better than they did… in order to draw your own maps!

But first . . . voter impersonation happens. (How to mitigate for it.)

Click on this image to see Tony’s two-minute version of his story.

Today’s video podcast covered the gerrymandering issue after a brief segment on signs of voter impersonation fraud that might be appearing in certain parts of Virginia during their current early voting period. Their election for all state and local offices will be in early November.

As a scene setter, the video features a prior interview of an Army Lieutenant Colonel who witnessed a van load of people as they voted in two different precincts by using different names.

Like North Carolina’s, Virginia’s fraud-friendly voter ID law actually facilitates a more streamlined way of committing enterprise-level impersonation fraud.

Our sources in Georgia first identified how fake IDs were being generated for small groups who would then travel together from precinct to precinct and commit large-scale fraud.

Gathering evidence on this is tricky, but it can be done.

Today’s podcast (click link below) addressed all of that and more!