Effective Observer Program Module Three Released

Oct 8, 2020 (Raleigh) Observer Training Module #3 covers the collection of the nitty-gritty details that transform your work from urban legend to something significant. It could trigger criminal prosecutions for voter fraud, firings for electoral fraud, and FBI investigations into racketeering.

Yes, you can do that. But there are two caveats. First is to provide enough evidence to the state’s otherwise incompetent investigations officers that they are forced to. . . well . . . do their jobs in a nonpartisan manner. Second, is to share it with enough entities that dirty players cannot sabotage your effort (and ours).

In past, poorly trained observers would provide piecemeal documentation that makes investigators pull out their hair. That’s why we sought help from the law enforcement community in order to develop our own observer report. Elsewhere, forms very similar to ours have played a prominent role in legal action that was successfully fought by our sister organization, Election Integrity Project-CA.

Click the above image to watch Module #2.

Does Caring Really Require Sharing?

The short answer is, “yes!” When these documents are properly executed, they can serve as “evidence” in subsequent legal proceedings. Whether it’s a candidate protesting an election or the FBI rolling in to break up a vote fraud ring, this reporting format can really make a difference.

The only other pitfall involves what you do with the completed documentation. We cannot stress it enough that you need to share a copy of the report outside of your party’s political structure.

We’ve learned the hard way that some people “on your side” may have another agenda. In the worst case we’ve seen, somebody in Robin Hayes’ NCGOP leadership circle apparently blocked two sworn affidavits from reaching election investigators.

We’ve got more details in the video clip, but if the information had flowed freely, Robeson County would have elected Jack Moody to a judicial position.

Hayes left his job in handcuffs and Moody is now on the county’s Board of Elections. We’re sad for Jack, but nothing makes a better board member than a lawyer who was cheated out of an election.

Our point is that documentation is vital. But it’s all for nothing if nobody knows about it.

VIP’s goal is to increase public trust in the democratic process through improved election integrity. Sometimes, the desire to win at any cost will make those two missions collide, so why not share your hard work with us?


Click here for your copy of the VIP Incident Report.