Moore Challenges Prompt 50 Removals, 4 Updates

May 19, 2016 (Carthage, NC) — Moore County’s Voter Integrity Project Co-Leaders, Dee Park and Carol Wheeldon successfully ushered 67 voter registration challenges through the preliminary hearing phase, yesterday in Carthage, with an additional 50 being removed and 4 being updated, all as a result of their having filed the challenges.”
   “We’re happy the Board of Elections checked the challenged persons and found 50 who are no longer in their former precinct,” they said, in a joint statement, “and they have moved to a total of nineteen different states.”

Carol Wheeldon and Dee Park review evidence prior to the May 18 hearing in Moore County, NC.

   There were several other sustained challenges the staff had contacted but still had not provided written documentation in time for the hearing, according to Director, Elections Glenda Clendenin. Their challenges were sustained and will be adjudicated at the June 1 “full hearing,” set for June 1 at 10:00 AM.
   “By any standard our research and resulting assistance to the Board of Elections is highly successful,” they said. “Over 800 were removed last year from the voter rolls, and this year promises to be productive as well.”
   They plan to cease all challenges long enough to avoid distracting the BOE staff during the run-up and aftermath of the June 6 Primaries for Congress and for a NC Supreme Court seat.
   “We will start up the challenge presentations again by mid-June,” they said, “and finish the hearings well before the November election.”

   Among the places these voter had moved to, after leaving Moore County, the BOE staff reported a smattering of them in Alabama, California, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas. Additionally, 9 had moved to South Carolina and 10 moved to Florida, according to the report, and seven are deceased.

Glenda Clendinin, (L to R) Director of Moore County Board of Elections, officially receives 109 challenges from Dee Park and Carol Wheeldon.

Glenda Clendinin, (L to R) Director of Moore County Board of Elections, officially receives 109 challenges from Dee Park and Carol Wheeldon. (VIP archive photo.)

   “The fact that these people are living all over the country while still registered in Moore County, points to a problem with the federal law,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of VIP. “States have their hands tied by the laws designed to fill the voter rolls with people who don’t realize they’re still registered to vote elsewhere.”
   The Moore County Team, known as Very Involved Patriots of Voter Integrity Project (or VIP/VIP) spun off from Moore Tea Citizens two years ago, to concentrate on the single issue of election integrity.
   “We started working together after noticing how good the MTC committee was at keeping deceased voters off their rolls,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of Voter Integrity Project. “This type of work cuts off the fuel supply for people who vote more than once by stealing the identities of voters who died and of voters who moved away.”
   While voter-impersonation fraud is nearly impossible to prosecute, VIP has recorded several eyewitness accounts (like this) of people who vote during Early Voting and return later, at the same location, to vote again, under a different name, while election officials were powerless to stop them.
   “There’s a mountain of data suggesting how big a problem voter impersonation fraud is,” said DeLancy. “We currently lack the I-T capability to complete the research, so all we can do is train great teams, like Moore’s VIP, on how to clean up their voter rolls, making the crime harder to commit.”