Wheeldon and Park Receive VIP Awards

June 21, 2017 (Moore County, NC) — The Voter Integrity Project recently presented the organization’s highest honor, “The Eternal Vigilance Award,” to Pinehurst residents, Carol Wheeldon and Dee Park, “in recognition of [their] personal sacrifice for the cause of honest elections,” at a Moore County Tea Citizens meeting.

(L to R) Mrs. Dee Park, Jay DeLancy, and Mrs. Carol Wheeldon.

“There is a great deal of public scrutiny that spotlights people who dare question our electoral process,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of VIP. “Some folks wilt under that pressure, but Dee and Carol viewed it as proof that they were on the right track and they charged ahead.”

Mrs. Park and Mrs. Wheeldon led an independent Moore County group, calling themselves the “Very Involved Patriots of the Voter Integrity Project  (VIP/VIP). Combining database analysis with 5,094 first-class postal mailings, they challenged 872 Moore County voters who no longer live at the address from which they voted.

“Dee and Carol followed North Carolina law to the letter as they discovered missing voters and collected enough evidence to enable the Board either to remove or update those registrations,” DeLancy said.

North Carolina General Statute § 163-57 cites a voter’s residence for defining which precinct in which their vote shall be counted, but thousands of people remain on the voter rolls at their former addresses long after they have either died or moved away. Though it is not the voter’s fault, their remaining on the rolls creates vulnerabilities to the system.

“Now that some partisan federal judges have outlawed voter ID in North Carolina, anybody can walk in and vote as many times as they want,” said DeLancy. “All they have to do is read off the name and address of a voter who died or moved from the area and there’s nothing the law can do to stop them.”

While equally concerned over the lack of a voter ID law, the VIP/VIP group focused on cleaning up the voter rolls.

“We are not looking for fraud and we are not looking at party or race,” Mrs Wheeldon said, ” We are only looking at people who did not answer mail from the Board of Elections and Post Office couldn’t find them.”

Of their 872 challenges, 58 were updated prior to final hearings; 195 were located and removed prior to final hearings, and 619 were removed at the final hearings, after not responding to three or more official BOE letters.

“The work of these patriots meant that 872 former Moore County voters could not have their identity stolen by somebody trying to vote illegally,” DeLancy said. “While there are thousands of other vulnerable voters in the county, 872 was a great start.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wheeldon and Mrs. Park were encouraged for additional reasons.

“The last thing people think of when they move is updating the Board of Elections, so we’re trying to help the BOE maintain accurate records,” Mrs. Wheeldon said, adding “Dee and I were both thrilled and proud to receive the Voter Integrity Project award, especially at the Tea Party, where it all started.”


Update to VIP/VIP’s 872 Challenges:

Seeking to discredit VIP/VIP’s work, the North Carolina NAACP filed an emergency lawsuit last Fall, against the bothe the Moore County and NC State Board of Elections to reinstate the lawfully removed voters. Neither the Voter Integrity Project nor Moore County’s VIP/VIP group are defendants in this ongoing suit.

Just prior to the election, U.S. District Judge Loretta Biggs, an Obama appointee, ignored the fact that VIP/VIP was a private organization and called their work a type of “systematic” voter removal that federal law prohibits states from conducting within 90 days of the election. She then ordered 374 of Wheeldon’s challenged voters to be reinstated.

“We believe that Biggs’ hideously overarching decree may also have nullified two sections of NC election law, § 163-85 and § 163-86,” said DeLancy, “negating a NC citizen’s right to challenge the eligibility of another voter under any circumstances and this looks like a dangerous abuse of her judicial power that the adults at the Supreme Court should overturn.”

(The case is ongoing, but some relevant documents are posted here.)