NCSBE Releases Outstanding Absentee Ballot Data

Nov 1, 2020 (Raleigh) The NC State Board of Elections launched a website last week that will be a repository for reports related to “outstanding” absentee ballots, meaning absentee ballots that were requested but not returned or otherwise cancelled after the voter may have decided to show up at an absentee one-stop location during early voting.

The site gave daily updates, possibly in response to VIP’s suggestion they report it, but the Sunday night figures seem as if they would remain stable, showing a by-party breakdown. The largest party count of outstanding ballots belonged to the Democrat party, with 60,300 ballots issued but not returned. Republicans listed 39,300; Constitution at 100; Green at 200, Libertarian at 1,700, and Unaffiliated at 66,300.

As a possible prelude for yet another impending lawsuit by the usual suspects, the racial breakdown showed around 31,000 black voters, 997,000 listed as white, and just over 27,000 who didn’t disclose their racial information.

“We note that black voters comprise a little over 20% of the state’s voting population and 18.3% of the outstanding ballots,” said Jay DeLancy of Voter Integrity Project. “That reality will make it difficult for outside groups to claim a disproportionate number of black voters were victims of the outstanding ballot process.”

The “disproportionate impact” criteria is the latest weapon employed by Leftist activists and judges to block North Carolina’s ability to require voters prove their identity with a photo identification card.

“With all of these numbers ending with two or more zeroes,” he said, “we can only guess that there represent to be estimates of the true figures.”

The NCSBE should be updating the outstanding-ballot figures daily at this site.