NAACP lawsuit update

There has been a great deal of confusion created by… among other people… me over the NAACP lawsuit. To be clear, that formerly proud organization filed legal action against our Governor and the leadership of the NC House, NC Senate and the NC Board of Elections.

As the plaintiff, they can subpoena records from anybody and everybody who supported North Carolina’s election reform law (HB 589) ratified last Summer and that’s what they’ve done to us.

Think of it: The new law requires voter ID cards to be issued to the poor at no cost and it even provides them a free copy of their birth certificate if they need it; but for some baffling reason, rather than helping the poor to obtain their free voter ID cards, the NAACP is suing to block the law from taking effect!

As our newest commercial reminds us, NOT having a photo ID card robs people of even their most basic human needs, such as emergency room treatment, food stamp applications or even visits with their elected leaders in Washington. But, the NAACP opposes this valuable service to the poor; and instead, claims that anybody who disagrees with them…is somehow a racist!

Voter Integrity Project-NC is being financially (and legally) harassed by the NAACP because we advocated for “real” voter ID during the legislative debate. Now, the NAACP is using their vast legal resources, to bully us into relinquishing (among other things) our “unredacted” internal email communications! We suspect they want that email so they can post the names of our supporters on so-called “Progressive” blog sites and start their Saul Alinsky tactics to “isolate” and destroy each and every one of our friends! For this reason, we’re being forced to bow up and raise money for a legal fund.

The bottom line is that we are not, technically, being “sued,” but are having to pay legal expenses, just the same. I said all this because I accidentally blurted out (in a room full of lawyers, no less!) that “the NAACP is suing us for our membership records,” which was the 5-second version of what I just explained to you in five paragraphs. We’ve also seen the subject trending onĀ  Twitter, so we decided to make sure the public has the official version of the story.

If you agree that election fraud is bad, then maybe you should consider making a small (or heck…even a large) donation at our Rally website!

Thanks for your prayers and support,


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