NC Group Pushes Voter Roll Review Following Florida Federal Court Ruling

(Raleigh, NC)–Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina requested today that the NC Board of Elections immediately review its voter rolls after a federal judge ruled against the Obama Administration to allow Florida officials access to a Homeland Security database tracking non-US citizens living in their state.

“We learned in a Wake County hearing that the NC Board of Elections depends on some limited data from the DMV when checking for citizenship,” said VIP-NC Director, Jay DeLancy. “The DHS database would remove a lot of the guesswork.”

VIP-NC originally challenged the legality of 553 registered voters after matching county jury records against the voter rolls. The Wake County BOE dismissed 510 challenges after Veronica Degraffenreid, an elections Liaison for the NEBOE, testified at the June 26 preliinary hearing that the DMV declared them all to be citizens.

“Someone at DMV apparently told Ms. Degraffenreid that any driver without a Legal Presence or L-P designation was automatically assumed to be a citizen,” he said, “but in doing that, they completely ignored approximately 200 registered voters who actually voted before declaring their non-citizenship status to the Wake County court system.”

VIP-NC provided an analysis to the media, showing when each alleged non-US citizen voted and when they later declared on a Wake County jury summons form that they were not citizens.

“The Clerk of Courts, Lorrin Freeman, testified under oath that each person disqualified from jury duty actually had
to present evidence like a green card or some other federal document before they could be disqualified from jury duty,” DeLancy said, “so the Board’s hasty dismissal needs to be reviewed in light of the more accurate law-enforcement tool.”

VIP-NC appealed the Board’s decision in Wake County Superior Court, because of irregularities in the hearing and pre-trial public criticism from the Board Chairman, Aida Doss Havel, who also served as a Judge at the hearing. A trial date has not been set.

Florida had sued the Department of Homeland Security for access to the federal SAVE database — Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements — in an effort to confirm the citizenship of it voters, but their efforts were blocked by the US Department of Justice until the courts intervened.

“With a federal judge finally allowing Florida to use the SAVE database, North Carolina should do the same,” DeLancy said, “but it appears our election officials operate in a reactive mode and are unlikely to take this sort of action without pressure from the public.”