NC Election Integrity Summit Set for June 10-11

June 1, 2022 (Raleigh) Favorite boogeyman woman, Cleta Mitchell, will headline North Carolina’s first-ever

Statewide Election Integrity Summit, at the Raleigh Marriott City Center, June 10-11, as part of her group’s effort to help boost state-based election integrity groups restore public trust in the democratic process.

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North Carolina’s lead organization for the summit is the North Carolina Election Integrity Team (NCEIT.org), headed by Conservative Coalition of NC Director, Jim Womack, and Voter Integrity Project – NC Director, Jay DeLancy, who have already been hosting poll observer workshops throughout the state, in preparation for NC’s recent primary.

While we welcome anybody approaching election integrity in a non-partisan spirit, the targeted audience is those who want to do more than listen to speeches.

Eight Systems of Election Integrity

The goal for this summit is to help concerned citizens find a way to apply their unique talents and gifts in broad effort to shore up the problems caused by expecting “somebody else” to handle elections.

This goes far more than just poll watching.

Key to the development of NCEIT was the more global approach to election integrity, developed by Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI) and published in their “Citizen’s Guide to Building an Election Integrity Infrastructure.”

Here are the eight systems adopted by NCEIT:

  1. County Board of Election Liaison (Leads all local Task Force interactions with CBE)​

  2. Poll Observers, employees, and greeters (Recruited & trained at all voting locations)​

  3. Mail Voting Processes  (Monitors how USPS & CBE handles all absentee ballots)​

  4. List Maintenance (Analyzes voter rolls and monitors SBE voter roll maintenance)​

  5. Vulnerable Voters (Assists with elder care, handicapped, and military ballots.)​

  6. Machines & Technology  (Monitors certification of machines & software)​

  7. Statutory Provisions & Compliance (Legislative oversight and advocacy)​

  8. Audit Oversight & Development (Advancing the best practices for auditing elections)​

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In addition to a deeper dive into those systems, the summit will feature these topics:

  • Coming together for Election Integrity
  • Building the North Carolina Election Integrity Infrastructure
  • Poll Watchers and Poll Workers – Recruitment, Training and Deployment
  • Citizens’ Guide to Cleaning Voter Rolls
  • The Left’s Secret Plan to Spend Your Tax Dollars to Win in 2022

In addition to Mitchell, Womack, and DeLancy, the summit has a few surprise guests and sessions, all pointing to how our electoral process a) has been subverted, and b) can be reformed.

Below, are DeLancy’s rant on the upcoming conference:

Click image to hear Jay’s rant on the upcoming summit while risking his life behind the wheel of his car.

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