NC Voter ID Killed… Again!

Jan 1, 2020 (Winston-Salem) North Carolina’s amazing journey toward any semblance of honest elections took another sad detour yesterday, when Federal Judge Loretta Biggs, used unprovable claims by the NAACP of “discriminatory intent” by lawmakers as an excuse to kill the state’s most recent attempt at voter ID.

Click this link to read more details of Biggs’ injunction.

“Biggs’ stunning order kills a bill that Democrats secretly loved because of its leniency,” said Jay DeLancy, Founder of the Voter Integrity Project. “The measure (S.L. 2018-144) was even more fraud-friendly than the House version of 2013’s voter ID law that we opposed.”

Examples of the bill’s fraud-friendly types of voter ID include employer ID cards which are never authenticated and state-issued “voter photo ID cards” that could be obtained by anybody presenting a “current utility bill, bank statement, or government document showing name and address.” (See 2002’s Help America Vote Act).

Attorneys credited with killing NC voter ID this time are Caitlin Swain (L) of Foward Justice and Irv Joyner, a state employee at NC Central Law School who moonlights for the NAACP.

The fate of NC’s voter law again lies in the hands of NC Attorney General Josh Stein, who denies that voter impersonation fraud is problematic. His office has not yet announced their intent, according to other sources, but Stein’s past suggests that he will not appeal the ruling.

“Stein has a tough decision on whether or not he appeals Biggs’ judicial activism,” said DeLancy. “If he appeals, he betrays his party’s radical fringe; but if he refuses to appeal, he will become the first Democrat NC Attorney General since Reconstruction to lose re-election.”

North Carolina has had two Republican Attorney Generals (Robert Dick Douglas and James H. Carson Jr.) since the 1898 Wilmington Coup ushered in a “flurry of Jim Crow laws.” Both men were appointed to the office but not re-elected. NC has not elected a Republican Attorney General since 1872.

“Stein will probably make sure our state remains the only state in the entire Southeast that has no form of a voter ID law,” DeLancy said, “but he’ll make history when it costs him the election.”