NC Voter Photo ID ‘Compromise’ Is a Sham

Republican leaders are determined to pass a voter ID bill this session and they say their resolve is fueled by promises they made to voters during the 2010 election. Unfortunately, these leaders believe that a bad bill is better than no bill and will offer a compromise to HB 351 (Restore Confidence in Government), the voter photo ID bill passed in 2011 and subsequently vetoed by Governor Beverly Perdue. The compromise has not yet been revealed, but the House Republican leadership is unyielding in their determination to search out new language that would meet the approval of at least four Democrats. Four is the magic number, in that the Republicans in the House are four votes short of veto-proof majority.

In order to gain Democratic votes, the new language will have to weaken HB 351 to the point where it would concede the intent of the law and do away with any assurances that voters are proving their identity before voting.

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