New Hope . . . from California??!!

July 14. 2021 (Raleigh) Lately, we’ve seen the darker side of the old adage, “As California goes, so goes America,” but there’s good news on that front and our election integrity counterparts are on the cusp of changing the game for every state.

In short, our friends at Election Integrity Project California filed a federal lawsuit to stop their Governor, Secretary of State and several county election administrators from rigging the rules so deeply that they’ve lost their two-party system.

Without getting into the details, trust us when we say that it’s never been tried before (or click here to see for yourself).

But, it’s been an uphill fight. Despite their mountainous evidence, California’s election-law attorney class refused to help out. So Linda’s team recruited younger attorneys who had not yet drunk the bad Kool-Aid.

Turns out, EIPCa’s legal team held their on during a preliminary hearing before an Obama-appointed federal judge. The defendant attorneys performed so poorly that Paine’s team briefly thought they would survive the motion for dismissal.

Of course, beating ideologues in a black robes is crazy talk, but the court still needed thirty days to figure out how to shoot them down.

Improving the Odds

Hey! Have you heard? The Ninth Circuit federal court system now has a Trump-appointed majority?

Maybe that’s why a funny thing happened. Almost as soon as EIPCa announced an appeal to the dismissal, the propaganda began to fly from the LA Times. They launched not one, not two, but three hit pieces on EIPCa within a five-day period. (See the EIPCa rebuttals here.)

According to a BizPacReview column, the Times “chucked every name, every piece of hearsay and innuendo they could come up with at them [EIPCa] and none of it stuck. None of it.”

Those who attended Voter Integrity Project’s September 2013 voter integrity bootcamp in Raleigh may remember the special guest who flew in from the Left Coast. It was Linda Paine, co-founder of EIPCa. She and a handful of other state election watchdogs group leaders (VIP’s Jay DeLancy among them) have mentored each other since 2011.

EIPCa President Linda Paine (photo courtesy of Atascadero Press)

Because of each state’s unique set of election laws, their watchdog teams all have differing strengths. So, EIPCa has successfully trained and deployed around 10,000 election observers. Unlike the party-owned observers in places like NC and Arizona, her non-partisan observers actually know what they’re doing. As a result, they’ve gathered enough evidence to merit federal lawsuits.

In the past, they loaned their research to Judicial Watch, but they screwed things up so badly that Linda’s team voted to go it alone this time.

EIPCa’s Linda Paine, Ellen Swensen, and Ruth Weiss

Not surprisingly, the Obama judge shot down EIPCa’s lawsuit before it could be heard, but that’s not where the story ends.

Why This Matters in NC

The target of their lawsuit is the election officials and politicians who colluded to create a set of election laws that strips away California’s “republican form of government.”

That last clause is in quotes because the words come from a pesky document called the U.S. Constitution.

It turned out that states are required to provide for a representative republic . . .  and not the mob-ruled democracy that California has become.

The precedence of an EIPCa win would crush all states who write fraud-friendly election laws: They will be accountable for erasing our constitutional rights through partisan state laws.

It’s pretty clear that North Carolina’s own lawmakers have a history of colluding with bad actors to rig loopholes into things like increasing the chances of ballot harvesting in our most recent voter ID law and even exempting curbside voters from the voter ID law before that. Both of those turkeys were passed by Republican super majorities, but who can forget in 2020, when democrat Director of Election, Karen Bell, tried to use a friendly lawsuit to take away the absentee ballot witness requirement?

Had Bell achieved her dream, North Carolina would have been all set to join Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and others in receiving enough late-night ballots to flip the statewide presidential election.

It’s a fact: Politicians and election officials always try to rig the rules for their side.

The federal lawsuit filed by EIPCa has the potential of restoring our republic and ending a critical form of deep state collusion.

You can help their appeal with a tax-deductible donation . . . by clicking here.