New VIP Voter ID Commercial Launched!

RALEIGH, NC – Feb 26, 2014–The Voter Integrity Project – NC proudly released our latest video message today as part of a continuing effort to educate the public of the legitimate requirement for lawful ID when voting.

“People who oppose voter ID freely admit that an ID for commerce is acceptable, but then complain that requiring one for voting is somehow racist,” said Jay DeLancy, Executive Director of VIP – NC. “This video exposes their absurdity by highlighting a few other constitutionally protected acts that require valid ID.”

In an effort to overcome judicial objections raised in other states, the NC law also provides funding for the State of NC to issue free voter ID cards and birth certificates to anybody who cannot afford their normal fees.

“It baffles us that the NAACP is spending thousands of their donors’ dollars to stop this law, even though it will help the poor obtain a vital document that opens doors to all sorts of public assistance,” DeLancy said. “Their actions clearly undercut the critical needs of the people they supposedly represent.”

VIP-NC did not announce any specific media buys, but has released a crowdsourcing site to finance airing the ad in NC. They also offered the ad to proponents of voter ID elsewhere who wish to run a modified version on their own local cable or broadcast stations.

The group opted for a web release because of costly legal harassment they are enduring from the NC NAACP, Rev. William Barber and his Washington (DC) law firm.

“They are demanding things that would expose our private friends and partners to public targeting and personal destruction,” DeLancy said, “so we’ve had to establish a legal fund to resist such bullying tactics.”

For more details on the NAACP subpoena ~or~ to help fund the VIP-NC legal team, please click here.