NEWS FLASH! NC SBOE Issues Do-Not-Destroy Order to 100 County Boards.

APR 9, 2014–Raleigh, NC–North Carolina State Board of Elections Director Kim Strach issued an emergency directive Tuesday ordering all 100 NC County Boards to retain the signed voting records generated during the 2012 general election.  Such records will be essential to the investigation of each of the thousands of cases of suspected double-voting reported by the Interstate Voter Registration Cross-Check program.  Strach presented Cross-Check findings to the NC Elections Oversight Committee last week in Raleigh.

“We’re deeply appreciative that the State Board heard our plea for them to prevent the destruction of such vital evidence,” said Jay DeLancy, Executive Director of the Voter Integrity Project, (VIP-NC).  “The law allows for destruction of election records 22 months after a Federal election and this investigation could easily last past September 2014.”  

VIP-NC requested that the SBOE retain all 2012 election records on April 6.  “Under the previous Board’s leadership, this sort of physical evidence would be destroyed as soon as possible, not to mention they never even bothered to have it scanned,” said DeLancy. “Then they would run around claiming ‘no voter fraud in North Carolina.’  This extremely cynical approach to government stewardship flies in the face of what we the people expect.  Kim Strach should be commended for such proactive work.”

The Cross-Check program identified 35,750 NC voters, whose first and last names and date of birth match, who voted in 2 or more states in the same 2012 general election.  It also found 765 NC voters whose names, DOB, and last 4 digits of their social security numbers match, who voted in 2 or more states in the 2012 general election.

“This is a huge breakthrough for the Election Integrity Movement and we (VIP) are proud to be the catalyst,” said VIP Director of Research John Pizzo. “or even the motivator for North Carolina to participate in the multi-state comparison of voter records.”

The NC State Senate included the Interstate Crosscheck provisions in HB 589, last year after the VIP-NC news account of their work prompted criminal referrals against five people who double voted in Florida and NC during the Nov 2012 General Election.

“We sincerely hope states like Pennsylvania and Ohio are paying attention to our state’s action,” said DeLancy.  “Such document protection in their states will help if they ever hope to settle rumors that the 2012 election was stolen in their states.”

Kim Strach’s directive, number 2014-06, (see the memo by clicking here) orders all Authorizations to Vote (ATVs), provisional or absentee applications, poll lists, and more be preserved by each of the 100 county BOEs in the event such documentation is needed during the investigation. The document was obtained by VIP-NC through a (NCGS Art 132) public records request.

“At issue really, are voter signatures on these documents,” said DeLancy.  “Comparing a voter’s registration signature to the one on their ballot can tell us whether that person really did vote twice or if their identity was stolen by someone posing as them and that’s something the public really wants to know.”


 See VIP-NC’s report on the 35K double voters being investigated by SBOE by clicking here.

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