NH Lawsuit Exposes Never-Trump GOP Strategy

Jan 25, 2024 — Exit polls from Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary expose the way globalist Republicans in NH, NC, and elsewhere, are again begging Democrat-leaning “Independent” voters to raid the Republican primary and vote against Trump, bleeding his campaign out of precious resources, while giving Nikki Haley enough delegate votes for her backers to stage a convention fight and force her onto the ticket as Vice-President.

70% of Haley voters, registered as “Undeclared,” were allowed to “raid” the Republican primary in order to prolong Trump’s fight for the nomination.

There were similar cases, but during one exit interview for MSNBC, a crossover voter explained that his action “was a strategic vote . . . [to] diminish Trump’s influence.” When pressed about his support for Haley, the voter confessed, “I wouldn’t vote for her in a general election.”

This entire strategy requires an “open primary,” whereby non-party members are allowed to… quoting the US Supreme Court… “raid” a party’s primary election.

This form of cheating is nothing new. Rush Limbaugh ridiculed the practice in 2008 by launching an initiative he called, “Operation Chaos,” urging Republican-leaning Unaffiliated voters to pull a Democrat ballot and vote for Hillary as a means of extending the primaries.

That was played for laughs, but in 1980, the globalists played this trick to keep former CIA Director, George H.W. Bush on the ballot long after Reagan’s win was a foregone conclusion. By sticking around, Bush racked up a slew of  second-place wins. This gave him enough delegates for the globalist or “Rockefeller” Republicans to force their way onto the ticket.

That way, eight years later, Bush became President and began a “compassionate conservative” era that included raising taxes and reprogramming Americans back into supporting war in far-away lands, while bragging to Congress about creating a “new world order.”

Yes. Open primaries have consequences.

GOP Elites Panicked

More than annoyed with open primaries, grassroots activists have long fought the practice because it allows the globalists to cram open-border Republicans down our throats during US Senate primaries, and then guilting us into supporting politicians like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, and our very own Haley supporter, Thom Tillis.

Patriots in numerous states have had mixed results in battling this method of RINO election rigging.

In 2014, six-term incumbent Mississippi Republican Thad Cochran, was beaten by a Tea Party candidate in the primary. But the 76-year-old Cochran demanded a run-off election that was heavily funded by the NRSC who spent millions, reaching out to African-Americans and Democrats, “who had likely never voted before in a GOP primary.”

Fun Fact: Tillis got elected that year, but NC’s other RINO Senator, Richard Burr, kicked in $5,000 to fund Cochran’s run-off bid.

The media gloated, “Cochran wins, the Tea Party loses in Mississippi” and the Uniparty had protected one of their RINOs. Cochran won the run-off by 6,400 votes and died before finishing his term.

In 2021, Georgia patriot voters, rejected the RINO candidates and stayed home during the January run-off elections. Resisting meant both Georgia Senate seats now belong to the Democrats, but it revealed the downside to the heavy-handed tactic.

Later that month, the New Hampshire Republican Party voted to close their primaries, because NH law leaves that decision up to the parties. Their Secretary of State, David Scanlan, violated New Hampshire state law and ignored the resolution.

According to NH “Revised Statute Annotate,” or RSA 659:14 (II), “The secretary of state shall include on the voter instruction cards required by RSA 658:28 whether a party rule has been adopted which permits a person who is registered as an undeclared voter to vote in the party’s primary.”

Responding to an attorney’s demand, Scanlan admitted, “my office has not been able to locate any ‘written notice’ of a Republican State Party rule change relative to which voters can participate in a New Hampshire primary election.”

My office has not been able to locate any ‘written notice’ of a Republican State Party rule change relative to which voters can participate in a New Hampshire primary election.” – NH SOS Scanlan

The fly in the ointment for Scanlan is that their Legislature enacted this law after a 1986 SCOTUS case, Tashjian v. Republican Party, which held that political parties–and not state legislatures–have the ultimate say in whether non-party voters may participate in their primaries.

Peeved over Secretary of State Scanlan’s disregard for the law, Merrimack County GOP Chair Karen Testerman, filed two lawsuits in federal court. Her first case was rebuffed over issues of standing, because she filed “as a voter.” But last Monday, she filed a new lawsuit (24-CV-00020) in her capacity as the County Party Chair. The suit asked for the non-Republican ballots to be sequestered until a full hearing, but the Judge dismissed her case again.

Next up, West Virginia Republicans, angered over Haley’s New Hampshire strategy, scheduled an emergency Executive Committee meeting, this Saturday, to consider a proposal to restrict the primary elections, including this year’s May Super-primary.

Meanwhile in NC

Early last year, a Raleigh real estate mogul, John Kane Jr., rocked the NCGOP apple cart by launching a bid to unseat Michael Whatley as Chairman and one of Kane’s key issues was to curtail the practice of allowing Unaffiliateds to vote in GOP the primaries.

Kane’s position was driven by NCGS §163-119, which, for decades, has required the party’s State Executive Committee to notify the State Board of Elections “no later than the first day of December preceding a primary,” whether the party would allow Unaffiliated voters to raid their party’s primaries.

GOPe frat boy, Dallas Woodhouse

Then a funny thing happened in the comment section to the Daily Haymaker article announcing Kane’s bid. If you scrolled down to the entry by staunch Tillis backer and GOPe frat boy, Dallas Woodhouse, you would see a full-throated defense of the current party policy, allowing Unaffiliated voters to mettle in GOP primaries.

He closed with his own version of a haymaker. “I also believe if the NCGOP were to attempt to change this, the GOP legislature would step in and pass a law changing it back. They can do that as long as the state pays for and conducts the primary.”

No doubt terrified by how close Kane came to winning his election, the NCGA included a provision in HB 747 (SL 2023-140, Section 17) which did exactly as Woodhouse predicted and overrode the party’s of their own primaries by mandating, “Unaffiliated voters may shall be allowed to vote in the primary of that party, an one primary of the voter’s choosing.”

Another Fun Fact from the Woodhouse comment involved when the NCGOP originally opened their party to Unaffiliated voters. He crowed, “In 1987 the NCGOP became the first party to welcome unaffiliated into primary voting.”

Hmmm… 1987 was the same year NH opened their primaries too. Could that Tashjian ruling somehow have impacted the open-primary law in the Tar Heel Wolfpack state as well?

Flaunting Federal Law

New Hampshire is teaching us what happens when a Secretary of State ignores state and federal, but North Carolina is about to teach us what happens when a Legislature enacts a state law that, in the words of District Court Judge JOSÉ A. CABRANES, “imposes substantial burdens on plaintiffs’ right of association under the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution and is not supported by compelling state interests.”

As to Woodhouse’s claim that the Legislature “can do that [mandate open primaries] as long as the state pays for and conducts the primary,” the 1986 SCOTUS ruling, Tashjian v. Republican Party, ruled, “While the State is of course entitled to take administrative and financial considerations into account in choosing whether or not to have a primary system at all, it can no more restrain the Republican Party’s freedom of association for reasons of its own administrative convenience than it could on the same ground limit the ballot access of a new major party.”

Bottom Line: Open primaries are a key weapon the political elite has used to bring about America’s decline and they will do anything to hold onto that tool… even if it means breaking the law.