Statement on White House Commission on Election Integrity

Get out of Washington and come to the states if you really want to know how election laws are being abused and votes are being stolen.

[Note: This post responds to an executive order, establishing The White House Commission on Election Integrity.]

May 11, 2107 (Raleigh) — In order for the White House Commission on Election Integrity to be effective, it must learn how Congress’ two previous election laws have undermined the integrity and public trust of our nation’s electoral system.

The Commissioners must recognize that the solutions can not be discovered through one-hour hearings in Washington. They need to travel into the states and take eyewitness testimony from the people who have seen vote fraud, but were legally bound from intervening.

If the White House Commission on Election Integrity gets hijacked to become another white-wash commission then this

administration will have blown Washington’s last chance to restore public trust in our democratic process.

~ Jay DeLancy, Lt Col (Ret), MBA, MA

Please click image to see legislative testimony of a man who watched the same woman vote three times before he could get election officials to stop her third fraudulent vote (but not arrest her).