Non-Citizen Voter-Detection Bill Faces Major Hurdle Today

[Updated on Oct 23, 2019. The bill passed both houses and is currently being resolved in a conference committee, chaired by Rep Cleveland and Sen Krawiec.]

Aug 20, 2019 (Raleigh) — Today, the North Carolina State Legislature’s House Rules Committee will take up SB 250, short titled, “Records of Excusals for Jury Duty,” which will require Clerks of Court to share jury excusal and disqualification information with election officials when the jurors’ status would impact their qualification to vote.

“We’ve documented thousands of potential Wake County jurors who were disqualified from jury duty after telling the courts that they were not US citizens,” said Voter Integrity Project Founder, Jay DeLancy. “Hundreds of them showed up on the voter rolls as well, so maybe the courts ought to share that information.”

The Rules Committee meeting, chaired by Rep David Lewis, was originally scheduled for 10:00 AM today, but was moved to noon. It will meet in Legislative Building Room 1228 (and can be monitored through a link on this audio dashboard link).

“We’ve been fighting for this bill since 2013,” DeLancy said, “and the Clerks of Court have been fighting it, but this year it may pass.”

In 2017, in a rare move, the NC Conference of Superior Clerks of Court issued a letter officially stating objections to a previous version of the bill. The letter brought out in the open what had been whispered to State Senators since 2013.

“We were glad to see the letter out in the open,” said DeLancy, “because it exposed the ten elected Clerks of Court who were opposed to helping election officials detect non-citizen voters. At that point, we knew we had them.”

If the SB 250 passes today’s committee vote, it could go to the House floor this afternoon and to a House-Senate conference committee this week.  It’s uncertain whether or not Gov Cooper will veto the measure or whether the House and Senate would have the votes to override it.

DeLancy said the resolution of the bill would be entertaining either way.

“We look forward to learning which elected politicians actually want to continue hiding noncitizens on the voter rolls.”


Click here for an archived link to the original report by a Florida TV station that exposed non-citizen voters who were detected through jury disqualification data analysis.

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