Now that the horse has bolted…

Locking the barn

[Revised for clarity on Aug 6, 2021.]

Aug 5, 2021 (Raleigh) Now comes your government’s response to the need for audits of future elections and it has problems that they’d rather not address.

Page 37 of a legislative report released today, “House Appropriations Committee on General Government Proposed Special Provisions for S.B. 105, 2021 Appropriations Act,” (click the link here), floats the idea of mandating a regular audit be conducted.

Yay! Floating the idea or regular audits is a no-brainer, but if done wrong, it’s yet another case of the foxes guarding the hen house.

We all agree that restoring public trust in the electoral process is important, but why should we empower that same agency that controls every aspect of elections?

This agency is controlled by the NC Governor and, regardless of which party holds that office, the State Board of Elections’ proven corrupt record points to disaster.

Corruption Abounds

Consider how, in our Corrupt Culture at SBE post from September of 2020, we exposed the fact that an employee (or two?) manipulated a data table in their “2016 Post-Election Audit,” in order to downplay the shocking level of voter fraud perpetrated by Democrats (see red highlighted square below).

Long after we alerted Patrick Gannon, the SBE Communications Director, about the problem, we got tired of waiting and went nuclear. Not only did we notify members of the NCGA of the manipulation, we also demanded the firing–with prejudice–of the government employee(s) responsible party for tampering with their agency’s pre-release audit. Former SBE Director Kim Strach refused to identify and fire the culprit(s) but she promised the NCGA members that she would fix it.

Note: Only when she felt the heat, did Director Strach dignify our complaint with a response.

You may recall how her promise to fix the problem (without firing anybody) morphed into yet another manipulation of the data on the same table! (See red highlighted box, below.)

Strach, had a lengthy Democrat voting record during primaries, but “Republican” Governor Pat McCrory appointed her as Director and that’s what his side did to whitewash our messy elections.

How can the current Director, Karen Bell, who discipled under former NC Director of Elections, Gary Bartlett, magically throttle back her partisan wiles for another election “audit”? We have another major issue with how corrupt Strach’s 2016 “Audit” report was, but we’re saving it for some pending litigation.

To be clear, our problem is not with the idea of future audit. Our problem with who’s doing it.

The SBE is incapable of accurately reporting its own failings.

The same agency already has already proven itself too corrupt to treat an audit evenhandedly, so it only begs the question. What–in the world–makes us believe they handle elections any better?

Whose job is it anyway?

Chalk it up to Legislative cowardice if our House and Senate leadership fail to conduct this auditing function themselves.

Until voters see the Peoples’ House reassert their constitutional authority over elections, any self-audit reports the SBE produces are just another batch of eye candy.


[Note: We explain the bad math involved in this story in our original (Corrupt Culture at SBE) story, which you can access at the above link.]