VIP’s Forensic Observer Program

VIP’s Forensic Observer Program

For several years now, we’ve had hundreds of voters and election workers approach us with stories of obvious election fraud, but they were powerless to stop it. Because of the debate raging all across our nation over vote fraud, it is critical that we document as many of those stories as possible.

Here are a few examples from our first clip, called “Pieces of Paper.”

The next witness served one 4-hour observer shift and noticed a woman voting a second time. Things got interesting when the Chief Judge refused to intervene. If you listen carefully, you might wonder how many times this same woman had voted before Larry assumed his observer shift… and whether or not she returned after he left. Without observers, election employees are under a great deal of pressure to turn a blind eye to such obvious abuse of our nation’s civil rights laws.


America will never have a rational discussion about voter ID laws and election fraud in general… until somebody documents the kinds of vote fraud that too many among the elite simply deny.

If you want to help clean up this swamp (?), then it all starts with just three simple words:


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