Fake News About 44 States Obstructing Justice…it’s 14.

Dear Mr. President…

A suspect website called “Daily Bellweather” announced that 44 states won’t comply with the full request of the Election Integrity Commission (see also, NBC’s story on the subject). Meanwhile, other news outlets report that only 14 states have refused to cooperate (see this link).  Then the White House finally weighed in on the fake news reports with this fusillade.  This propaganda effort by Dim governors and their media allies requires some bold leadership from the commission’s co-chairs, Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach and Vice-president Mike Pence. to his credit, Kris Kobach has now pushed back, calling the states’ actions “idiotic,” but we need more than words.

Here’s Why: In order to learn anything about the depth of vote fraud in America, the commission will need as much personally identifying information on each voter as is possible. Under the false flag of “privacy,” many states (North Carolina among them) are flipping off the commission in a haughty manner. Their actions bet the question: Is privacy really your concern when one government entity denies information to an investigative branch of our government? Or is it secrecy?

State-by-state voter rolls are an atrocity and it is not humanly possible to match the identities of voters without as much information as possible. This would include (at the least) the voter’s date of birth, but should include any other information, such as a license number or the last four of their SSN. A stunning 44 states have refused to divulge that information to the commission and this condition must be corrected.

We view this as a criminal investigation. President Trump should use the full force of the US government in order to empower this commission to conduct it chartered purpose. Otherwise, this commission will print a massive book (that nobody will read) that will blather on as it blindly declares they “found no evidence” of vote fraud. The Left will finally get what they seek: An official denial of the truth that observers have seen at every election. Then we get called ugly names for daring to suggest we raise our election integrity to the level of Mexico’s and get a “real” voter ID law. If the commission blows this chance, millions of Americans (who know the truth about vote fraud) will lose faith on our electoral process.

Mr president…the consent of the governed hinges on your response to this state-based obstruction of justice.

Very Respectfully,



[This story was modified, thanks to Carl S. for pointing us to the media lies associated with this initial reports.]