Objections to Sunday Voting…

The NC State Board of Electors is allowing public comments on your county’s early voting plans.  Several counties are quietly pushing for Sunday early voting. There is an action step at the bottom of this post, but here are a few reasons we oppose opening the polls on Sundays:

  1. While people claim that early voting increases overall voter turnout, they offer no proof…because there is none.
  2. North Carolina already enjoys 90 days of “no-excuse” absentee ballot voting and 17 days of “absentee one-stop” voting, so no voter is disenfranchised by not having polls open on Sunday.
  3. The law requires all county early voting locations to be open the full 12 hours, making the work already very taxing to the employees and volunteers.
  4. While paid employees will do as they’re told and show up 17 days in a row, there is no doubt that such grueling schedules lead to mental mistakes in any job. Voting requires election officials to be mentally engaged in the process all day. We need to minimize the odds of such mistakes, but working 17 days in a row does the opposite.
  5. A massive amount of the electoral process involves mobilization of volunteers. While some activists are paid by their parties or their special interest group, most rely heavily on volunteers. It’s hard enough to recruit volunteers to work the polls. Asking them to work Sunday makes it even harder.
  6. Sunday voting may be a rallying cry for the more politicized churches, most view Sunday as “the Lord’s day,” and would prefer to honor it as the Sabbath.” Sunday voting is an affront to the religious community. our longstanding traditions, and to valuable family time.
  7. Rejecting county plans for Sunday voting shows respect for North Carolina and our American traditions.
ACTION:  Whether your county has early voting on Sunday or not, the State Board of Elections (and Ethics Enforcement) needs to hear objections to that overly taxing idea.

Comment by clicking this link:  Public Comment: 2018 One-stop Early Voting Plans.

Thank you,
~ JD