Open Letter to Republican Lawmakers (in NC)

May 25, 2017.

Dear Sir or Ma’am,

By now, I presume y’all have already made up your minds on voter ID and will be rolling out a new version any day now. I’ve been busy and couldn’t get down there as much as I’d like. But, just in case, here are my two cents–based on observed voter behavior–for what should be included in such legislation:

  1. DMV Matters. First, we’d still prefer the DMV being the only outlet for valid ID cards, but given the (IMO) deliberate sabotage last time, by employees who knew exactly what they were doing, I’d still urge y’all to keep it there, but cut the DMV manning and replace them with trained BOE registrars to oversee DMV’s voter registration duties. While some employees lost voter registrations others simply refused to issue free voter ID cards. The key moving forward… is accountability. So just training DMV workers to be more consistent next time is not a good long-term remedy. We’ve already seen where this leads us. California’s DMV used their power and secrecy to issue non-citz driver licenses and then Gov Brown pushed AB-1461 to automatically register all licensed drivers. (See Ch 4.5 of this Calif code.) Our ground-zero counterparts in California, Election Integrity Project, fought the bill, but with a veto-proof majority, California Democrats get whatever they want, and right now, they want non-citizens voting in elections. No surprise here: NPR ignored the danger of this law, but Fox News did not. We need to design in some accountability at North Carolina’s DMV before they can corrupt the voter rolls here, as they have in California.
  2. Voter ID. I assume the reports I’ve gotten are true and y’all will be pushing through a voter ID law before you go home. This is good, but I just ask that you please not create a fake-ID law as was passed in Virginia.

    Instead, do a clean South Carolina-type law (with mandatory retention and authentication of any RID documentation). Please leave side issues off of this legislation. The most helpful way y’all could pass those ancillary bills is to do them as stand-alone bills that would clearly smoke out Progressive darlings who fight hard (and dirty) against honest elections. While big media says otherwise, election integrity is still a popular issue outside the beltline. If you  guys can give us a clean picture of fraud-friendly lawmakers, it would help us brand them before one of them becomes another AG or Governor.

  3. Ancillary Election Integrity Laws. We’ve offered several laws over the past five years and always hit the same brick wall: “We don’t want to pass any laws that might make us lose the voter ID lawsuit.” I would be honored to brief you (or your leadership) on which ones would be most helpful to add into legislation at this late date, but a few topics we’ve covered extensively in the past include last session’s H1088, H115 and this session’s H696, H697, H698, and H29 (which passed the House and awaits death in the Senate Rules Committee). If anybody is interested, I can explain why we need each and every one of them… based on facts.
  4. Same-Day Registration. I don’t work for Civitas, but they do great work and Susan Myrick shows pure genius on the issue of election law reform. She posted a very realistic reform proposal for SDR, but I have no idea whether or not anybody took her up on the idea. It would enable lots of legit voters to use SDR while it would slow down the efforts of organized groups exploiting SDR’s inherent vulnerabilities. Here is the link to Susan’s suggested reform. I have no need to add anything to her ideas. They’re brilliant.
  5. Constitutional Amendment for Voter ID. I hope I’m not the first person to point out that even if you do get the Feds to allow NC to have honest elections, the State Supreme Court will copy the Pennsylvania state courts and find an excuse to block it under the state constitution. If you really want to see NC voter ID in time for the 2020 election, you might preempt judicial nullification with a constitutional amendment.

Bottom Line: In 2008, ACORN was busted all over the country for committing voter registration fraud. It aroused public fears over Chicago-style vote fraud going nationwide. Starting in 2010 and out of concern for election integrity, several members of your caucus first won their jobs. When Gov Purdue vetoed NC’s first voter ID law, the public responded by giving Republicans a veto-proof majority. Thanks to a paralyzing strategy of Progressives (and a lot of money from Soros), you guys are seven years into a 10-year cycle and have only passed a tiny amount of integrity reforms. If we don’t see something pretty soon, a lot of your party’s most faithful supporters are going to question your intent. The Left already assigns an unfair motive to election integrity reforms. Now, I only hope that your caucus’ future actions can help prevent the Right from assigning a more cynical motive.


Jay DeLancy