Time to Pepper Your Lawmakers

May 2, 2020 (Raleigh) The CARES Act funding bill moves one step closer to ratification at 9:34 this morning when the House Rules Committee approved the Senate’s final version of the bill “To Provide Aid to North Carolina in response to the Coronavirus Disease (SB 704) and we’re happy to report that adults in charge at the Legislature did NOT drink the Panic Potion (see links below) that was served up by the NC State Board of Elections (NCSBE) . . . but we’re not yet out of the woods.

The final version of this bill will be voted by the House this morning at 11:00 and not fireworks are expected. While this is great news, the reason Democrats are standing down at the present moment probably has more to do with the language included in the bill that promises to kick the question of election monies a little further down the road.

The bill clearly stated intent for “the General Assembly to appropriate funds for election security in a subsequent act of the General Assembly” and this makes us cautiously optimistic. Rather than rush through all of the measures proposed by NCSBE Director Bell, the adults want to consider some of the rebuttals to her mischievous reform proposals.

This is the time for patriots to start peppering your lawmakers (both Democrat and Republican) with your questions and rebuttals. Thank your GOP peeps for holding their ground, but encourage them to stay the course and not let NC slip into a California-style ballot-harvesting contest. If you have a Dem rep, ask them how they plan to help prevent fraud from making the difference in any sort of vote-by-mail election.

We’ve posted two lengthy analysis pieces on Bell’s wishes and you might want to read them before engaging with your elected officials. They were on March 26 (accessed by clicking here), addressing Bell’s initial wish list, and yesterday, addressing her more focused pressure on lawmakers (accessed by clicking here).

Remember: There is much opportunity during times of uncertainty. The Left has exploited that fact for a long time. The difference today is that you’re aware of it. Unless you want to try and explain to your children and grandchildren how you lost the country, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and engage with those who disagree.

If anybody lectures you with claimes that fraud has little or no impact on elections, you might want to ask them what would make NC Attorney General Josh Stein claim that the “bulk of voter fraud” is by absentee voting (see below).

Need help finding your lawmakers’ numbers? (Then click here for House and click here for Senate.)