BUSTED! Second FLANC Arrest Confirmed: Perp #5 is Behind Bars!

(Raleigh, NC) July 30, 2015 – Today, it was learned that Pasco F. Parker, one of the Voter Integrity Project’s original five interstate double voters, identified to election officials through a research project called FLANC (short for Florida and North Carolina), was arrested June 25, in Williamson County, TN, and is being held under $10,000 bond, on the charge of voter “registration” fraud.Pasco Parker

“Pasco has been on our radar since we discovered him in early 2013,” said Jay DeLancy, VIP’s Director. “Our analysis suggested that he voted in both North Carolina’s and Florida’s November general elections in 2004, 2008 and 2012, before he covered his tracks by requesting to be removed from NC’s voter rolls, but the evidence didn’t go away.”

Eventually, the group tracked Parker to Tennessee and learned that he had also registered to vote there. After consulting with that state’s Coordinator of Elections, Mark Goins, the group learned Parker voted there in 2012.

“It’s somewhat annoying that Tennessee law calls it ‘voter registration fraud,’ when it actually was v-o-t-e, vote fraud,” he said. “The perp actually voted and his votes all counted.  The registration angle is more of a distracting technicality that will thwart internet search engines.”

Parker’s serial double voting habits gave officials another twist when they learned he apparently used different Social Security numbers on his registrations in NC and Tenn.

“There might be a reasonable explanation for how somebody would mess up the last four digits of their Social Security number,” said DeLancy “but, in general, such a deliberate act by somebody who routinely votes in multiple states, suggests he may have been trained on how to succeed at vote fraud without getting caught.”

The Lake Lure Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Parker in early 2014 on the charge of vote fraud but could never serve him in North Carolina, so it was never public record. Evidence also suggested he voted from his Florida address in New Port Richey. He had no party affiliation in either state, which allows him to vote in either side’s primary.

“Judging from their total lack of response to our efforts, Florida election officials have shown zero interest in anything related vote fraud,” said DeLancy. “We’re trying to focus their attention a little better, by working with a few Florida newspapers and TV stations.”


(For more details on the Parker case, please visit our web article at https://voterintegrityproject.com/perp5_update/)

(To see Florida television coverage of VIP’s FLANC research, please click here: http://youtu.be/uelIr-ps3qw)