How VIP tracked down Perp #5

May 18, 2015–RALEIGH–We’re anticipating an arrest of this guy any day now. In case his friends are telling him about this site, we cannot say much about this guy, beyond this: Law Enforcement personnel are looking for him in three states for the crime of voting illegally in the November 2012 general election. We recently learned that the Tennessee Commissioner of Elections authorized a criminal referral to the DA in the county in which Perp #5 most recently lived.

We have spoken with the detective working the case in that unnamed county and he believes the perp has moved to another state. Sorry…there is more detail…but we would rather see the guy get arrested than see us aid and abet a fleeing felon.

To review… the evidence suggests Perp 5 voted in Florida, North Carolina AND Tennessee and there is evidence to suggest that he deliberately did this, meaning they can throw the book at him. We wonder how many other states….

Aug 21, 2014–RALEIGH–The walls continue to close in on Perpetrator #5. In a way, he’s #1, in that he’s our absolute favorite felon voter among all we have ever found in the entire FLANC project. Now, three states are investigating his habit of double triple voting.

Here’s an “inside the dirty business” briefing that shows both why we love this Perp so much and where we are with his journey to justice. This will also show why it’s so difficult to get a prosecution for this crime against our very Constitution.Perp#5

The voter history of #5 indicated that he double voted (between Florida and NC) in the Presidential elections of 2004, 2008 and 2012. Two side notes before I continue: First, while he voted in person in Florida before and after May 2012, this registered Unaffiliated voter found reason to drive back to NC and cast a vote in the contentious May ’12 primary. Second, after the Nov ’12 election, he took a rare move by asking the NC BoE to take him off the voter rolls, something 90-95% of voters never bother to do. We viewed this act as an attempt to cover his tracks, but too bad for him . . . evidence doesn’t lie.

Speaking of evidence, the NC BoE obtained the signature cards from Florida and matched them with the NC cards to conclude that the same person had signed all four critical documents from the 2012 election. The only proof of ID currently allowed for investigations under our state’s fraud friendly election law is that signature; and since it all hangs on that single piece of data, (other than his voter history) there is no other physical evidence of his crimes during the ’04 and ’08 elections. In other words, he will never be punished for stealing votes in 2004 and 2008.

As discussed in a prior post, state law conveniently allows those documents’ destruction just 22 months after the certification of the any federal election. For local and state races, the BoE can destroy the evidence after only 30 and 60 days, respectively. Imagine that for a moment: In this modern day of scanners and such, election offices “lack the resources” to take that minimal amount of forensic stewardship over the single most critical evidence of any vote fraud. The breath-taking suppression of evidence is further proof that election laws are rigged by the winners. . . sort of like gerrymandering, but by other means. . . but I digress.

Our original evidence on Perp 5 was so compelling that our buddy, “the Don” (Don Wright, lead attorney for the SBoE) referred the matter to the local District Attorney who forwarded it to a detective (no kidding) named  “Clint,” who actually spoke on the phone with Perp 5. While talking from his cell phone, Mr. 5 had a habit of promising to report to the office after his return from some sort of road trip; but he kept breaking those promises. (The guy appears to be a field rep for a cosmetics company, so it makes sense.) Anyway, Clint eventually got fed up with Perp 5’s litany of chin music, so he swore out a warrant!

We would have called that a “woo hoo!” moment and posted the warrant on this site, but there’s the matter of that pesky Constitution to consider. While Perp 5 needs to be publicly shamed for stealing extra votes and abusing crimes against that same Constitution, the guy gets something called the “presumption of innocence.” It’s all cool until some media use it for protecting their allies, but ignore it when dogging their enemies. We at VIP will strive to honor the concept and “protect the innocent.” The bottom line is that Clint couldn’t “serve” the warrant to Perp 5 because the rat fled the state and even taunted Clint, saying he was “never coming back to North Carolina” (Note to reader: We’ll see about that.)

Now, this is pretty much where we left that story in a previous post that highlighted the difficulty in getting arrests for vote fraud, but we never stopped our own investigation. Now, using the type of websites frequented by jilted boyfriends who are stalking their ex’es, we’ve found Perp 5 in Tennessee and hold the phone. . . last night, we learned that he had even registered to vote there!

And then it got better!

Today, after several phone conversations with Clint and with Mark Goins, Tennessee’s Coordinator of Elections, we discovered that Perp 5 had the brass to vote in Tennessee’s 2008 and 2012 November elections too!!! That’s right. There’s evidence to suggest he voted in at least three states on a regular basis!

Still wondering who the heck we (VIP) are, Mark Goins expressed a “very high” interest in bringing this Perp to justice, so we are inching ever so closer to bagging our first exception to the so-called “Progressive’s” mantra that there is no vote fraud. [Note to media: Please do not call Mark until after TN Cong District-4 race is certified. It was won by only 35 votes and Mark is very busy.]

So, while Proggies stick to their fraud-denial story and demand that we show them some prosecutions in order to disprove their fantasy theme, we say, “okay, but be careful what you ask for!”


As a reminder, we are still an all-volunteer organization made up of people who don’t take a paycheck for this work. In fact, all of our work is funded by the generosity of supporters, so please consider making a sacrificial donation to enable our continuation.



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