Poll Packing Confirmed

Oct 26, 2020 (Winston-Salem) Voter Integrity Project-NC has received evidence that exposes how county-level election directors can help Democrats minimize Republican presence and guarantee Democrat domination of both the early voting sites and the Election Day precincts.

“We first reported on how the law allows Election Directors to pack the early voting sites with Democrats in 2015,” said Jay DeLancy, the Founder of VIP-NC. “But when Rep Michael Speciale stumbled across the loophole and introduced HB-116 to close it, the Election Committee Chairman, Rep David Lewis, killed the reform.”

Speciale told VIP that the rules governing Election Day staffing falls under a different area of the law, where bi-partisan leadership is required . . . kinda.

Not more than one judge in each precinct shall belong to the same political party as the chief judge. NCGS §163-41

“It really depends on the meaning of the word, ‘bipartisan,'” DeLancy said. “Most people think the word means Democrats and Republicans, but that’s just to keep us in the dark. In some cases, it means three Democrats with one of them registering as ‘Unaffiliated.'”

. . . starting to get the picture?

The problem emerged after a Republican party volunteer, named Joan Fleming, forwarded an email to us that contained the precinct staffing list.

It came from a Forsyth County Board of Elections employee and was part of Fleming’s effort to make sure Republicans were fairly represented at the precinct level.

“I started looking up the voting records of their Unaffiliated Judges and they were mostly Democrats,” Fleming said. “They offered me the chance to replace them with Republicans so I submitted 31 new names.”

Fleming submitted  new names on September 17, more than six weeks before the election.

“They hadn’t even started the training,” said Fleming, “but they rejected my entire list, claiming I was too late.”

The County’s September 3 email listed a total of 135 Democrat employees at the precincts, along with 81 Republicans and 84 precinct officials listed as “Unaffiliated” voters.

“I think a more accurate number would be 104 Republican Judges and 199 Democrats,” said Fleming, who is not related to the former NCSBE elections “investigator” named Joan Fleming.

Precinct Packing Forsyth Style

Below are some examples of how the game is played.

One Forsyth County precinct lists two Democrat Assistant Judges and an Unaffiliated Chief Judge named Stephen Snodgrass, who has never pulled a Republican primary ballot in his 32-year voting history,. Suggesting his true leanings, Snodgrass voted in six Democrat primaries since 2004..

“With this newly discovered election rigging trick,” DeLancy said, “Republicans might want to make sure they can deploy enough election observers to cover any precincts like the one being run by Snodgrass.”

Elsewhere, Joel Saahir plays the role as an “Unaffiliated” Chief Judge and two Democrats act as Assistant Judges.  We did find two registered voters named Joel Saahir in Forsyth County, but one is a Democrat. The pretend “Unaffiliated” voter is Joel Abdur-Razzaaq  Saahir. According to public records, Joel Saahir has never puled a Republican ballot in his life. But the “Unaffiliated” voter has requested 11 Democrat primary ballots in the past 14 years.

In another precinct, a Democrat Chief Judge serves with a Democrat Assistant Judge and an “Unaffiliated” voter named Sylvia Brown. According to public records, Ms. Brown has pulled nine Democrat primary ballots in the past 12 years but no Republican ballots.

The pattern repeats itself in a precinct with two Democrat Assistant Judges being led by another Democrat who identifies as “Unaffiliated.” He is Jonathan Massa, who has only voted since 2008 without ever voting a Republican primary ballot. He did, however, pull three Democrat primary ballots.

In another precinct, the Democrat Chief Judge and a Democrat Assistant Judge are accompanied by an Assistant Judge, named Remi Powell-Taylor. While Forsyth County lists no voters named Remi Taylor, a Remi Powell fits the same pattern of deceit with seven Democrat primary ballots since 2008 and no Republican ballots.

“We didn’t bother checking every single so-called ‘Unaffiliated’ voter assigned to the polls in Forsyth County, but the trend is disturbing” DeLancy said. “Any Republicans who are bothered by this discovery should ask their local party leadership to demand access to the staffing lists for both early voting and Election Day.”

VIP recommends parties use such staffing lists in order to determine where their greatest need is for election observers.

“The knee-jerk reaction of election administrators will probably be to block the public from knowing with ballots an Unaffiliated voter selects,” said DeLancy, “but that would involve more secrecy, which undermines public trust in the process.”

Instead, VIP pushes for greater accountability and transparency on the part of election administrators.

“Right now, the most urgent action is for concerned voters to contact their favorite party before the Wednesday night deadline and ask to serve as an election observer,” said DeLancy. “Party leaders should be taking legal action if election officials don’t immediately turn over their staffing lists.”