Poster Child for Student Voting Returns to His Real Domicile

Oct 28, 2014 (ELIZABETH CITY, NC) — Montravias King, a local college student who created a name for himself being denied and later allowed to run for a City Council seat he later won, as only a temporary resident, resigned his elected position last night to return home to his true domicile, because he couldn’t find a suitable job in Elizabeth City. ECSU student

“While I feel for this young man,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of Voter Integrity Project, “but he makes the point for us that college students really do not have ties to their college community and should not be voting or running for offices there unless they truly severed their ties with their parents’ house and almost all college kids that age have not done that.”

According to WAVY-10 news out of Norfolk, the city will now be forced to hold a special election at, a cost of $9,000, in order to fill the vacancy.

“To support the sham that college students deserve special privileges under election law, the young Mr. King was allowed his dalliance,” DeLancy said, “and now that the TV cameras are off and the party is over, the Elizabeth City taxpayers are left holding the bag with a $9,000 tab that the State BOE should pay out of their budget.”

The Pasquotank County Board of Elections originally denied King’s bid to run for office, saying he their town was not his true domicile, but the State BOE overruled their decision and allowed him to run based on law, invented by an activist Judge, that allows college students (and ONLY college students) a special privilege called a “temporary domicile.”

“We tried to address this problem during the last Legislative session,” said DeLancy, “but too many politicians were afraid of being criticized and they refused to support a reasonable measure that would have helped children understand the financial costs associated with growing up and voting like responsible adults.”