Propaganda Storm Warning

Dec 13, 2021

Get ready for Georgia-style propaganda in North Carolina’s future . . . especially if the General Assembly Republicans can win enough 2022 seats to regain the veto-proof majority they had from 2013 to 2019.

The wave election of 2012 brought North Carolina the state’s first “GOP-controlled” government since the 1898 Wilmington coup, which ushered in the Democrat-KKK alliance of power, or our state’s “Jim Crow” reign of terror.

With their newfound power in 2012, the Republican Legislature sought to reverse about a dozen aspects of fraud-friendly election laws the Democrats had crafted over the preceding decades. The omnibus bill they passed (HB 589) included provisions covering an ocean front of reforms. Voter ID was chief among them, but it also addressed the fraud that’s easily committed via Same-Day Registration and out-of-precinct provisional voting.

A bevvy of leftist attorneys then invaded the state, filing lawsuits all over the place and our lawmakers were boxed into a corner by tying the reforms back to the Jim Crow era.

Click image to view (then) NC House Speaker, Thom Tillis, explaining why NC wants voter ID.

Key to the Democrat strategy was their repeatedly playing the race card against a GOP leadership that was too dull-witted to fight their way out of the corner. Winning would have involved advancing the reality that voter ID can curb our state’s very real precinct-level voter fraud problems.

Instead of making the plaintiffs defend their claims that vote fraud “is rare,” NC Speaker of House, Thom Tillis, instead conceded the point and explained that “voter ID is not about voter fraud.” in front of a national TV audience.

When grilled, he danced around the fraud question by claiming it was about “restoring public trust” in the system. While that alone is a valid reason to enact the law, it fails when the other side is screaming “racist!” at you.

Once fraud is off the table, our only way out is to prove reformers had no racial animus–none, nada, not even in their pinky finger–when they passed the badly needed reforms.

They failed and the bill was overturned by a Democrat-controlled federal court, whose poetic “surgical precision” ruling created smear for the ages in NC.

But I digress. Today’s post is about the current round of reforms, still filtering through the process in Georgia.

New Georgia Racists

Ignoring the Jim-Crow Democrats who dominated Georgia’s politics for more than a century, activists are now playing the race card against Georgia’s very effective reforms that, yes, will help restore public trust in the electoral process.

As if they all came from the same PR Newswire account, headlines screamed all over the world, last Thursday, claiming, “Georgia Republicans purge Black Democrats from county election boards.”

Seriously, after a quick Google Duck-Duck-Go search of the term, we lost count at around two dozen American, Russian, Iranian, and even NBC “news” sites that picked up the same headline.In the original post on this firestorm, two Reuters story tellers claimed the comprehensive reforms nullified the intent of the old system which, they claimed, was “to ensure a politically balanced or nonpartisan board.”

With no sense of irony, they play both the partisan card and the race card in order to defend the convenient narrative that’s so essential to the Left (Republicans = Racism) even when the facts don’t support their claims.

Six counties were affected by the local restructuring details of Georgia’s Senate Bill 202, a bill that triggered the first wave of Georgia race baiting last year, but that dust settled after the facts emerged.

Here we go again. This time, the propaganda effort involved cherry picking the details in order to support the most inflammatory racial claims imaginable.

The key person they had hoped to rescue, a Democrat with a government job as Spalding County Election Supervisor named Marcia Ridley. She really had to go and lawmakers figured out how.

The reason for her badly needed dismissal may have come down to the widespread public dissatisfaction with her agency’s work during the 2020 election.She was even referred to the state’s Attorney General for a criminal investigation.

If such points were made too early, the lengthy Reuters post may have lost much of its agitational strength . . . so they saved in for later.

On Election Day in 2020, voting machines malfunctioned in all 18 precincts, resulting in long waits. Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger called for Ridley’s resignation, and the Republican-controlled State Election Board referred her handling of the problems to the state attorney general. . .

I short, the one-sided media argument is this: “Forget incompetency or criminal intent! They’re all racists for holding her accountable!!!”

Soon to be Cancelled

Using a nasty little thing called, “the facts,” the Co-founder and President of Real Clear Politics, Tom Bevan refuted the most invective claims, in part, by reminding us of the problems experienced through out the county in the 2020 elections.

It’s true the Board had a three-Democrat majority and that all three of them happened to be Black women. It’s also true that the full-time election supervisor was also Democrat. It’s magical that everything was branded as “nonpartisan,” until Republican blew up the charade.

Using a home-rule provision written into SB202, GOP lawmakers forced the Spalding County elections supervisor out of her job.

Another aspect of the Georgia law allows the Democrat and Republican parties each to appoint two board members.

Exactly, how the fifth member, the chair person, is appointed varies between counties. Some have their County Commission appoint the Chair. Others, including Spalding County, require their state court judges to do the job.

Bevan did a great public service by helping to diffuse this bomb, so we expect his name to be smeared in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout! He may even be forced to resign from his leadership position at RCP.

As Orwell once quipped, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Bottom Line in Georgia, North Carolina, and beyond is that the propaganda is already starting to ramp up in advance of the upcoming 2022 elections. None other than Stacey Abrams will be on the ballot for Georgia Governor, so the race bating should reach ear-bleeding levels.


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