Prosecution Update Five, no Four, okay…maybe three FLANC voters moving closer to prosecution

We’ve all heard the PEW Research Center’s cliche that likens vote fraud to getting struck by lightning, but now we understand how they get away with that nonsense: the key is prosecutions…and those things are hard to get!

There might be something wrong when a voter wears two "I Voted" stickers.

For example, the first five of our Florida and NC (FLANC) double voters have finally reached a level of development that we are even able to have an adult conversation with the Districts Attorney in five counties about those referrals. How we got to this stage even required lawyers to help us squeeze information out of the government. In other words, the presumption of innocence is no friend for prosecutors. TV shows like Law & Order depict how that process works and it all applies in the area of election fraud too.

So here is a run down on our work so far:

Perp One is a 91-year-old man who appears to have voted in both Florida and NC in 2004, 2008 and 2012. To us, this shows intent; but his family convinced the DA that the guy is senile and doesn’t know what he’s doing. If you can imagine how ugly the DA would look when dragging that seasoned citizen in front of a jury for prosecution, then you can imagine why this fraud will never be prosecuted. His family did assure us that they will keep an eye on “Pops” to make sure he doesn’t do it again. He is a Republican.

Perp Two is yet to be investigated. He voted twice in both 2012 and in 2008. We have a planned for meeting with the DA to see how we can assist in his rallying the facts. In this case and in Perp Three’s case, we have found a retired law officer with some serious fraud investigation experience who is willing to work for $1 a year in order to bring vote fraud cases to trial, so investigative resources will no longer be an excuse. Note: Any other retired law officers (still holding a badge) should contact us if interested in helping with this movement. He is a Democrat.

Perp Three is a 49-year-old airline pilot who voted twice in 2012. When the DA spoke with him, they accidentally spoke to the guy’s father by the same name and accepted the senility excuse. After the DA became aware of the mistake her office followed up with the younger guy…but he lawyered up and the DA moved on to less troublesome criminals. We are in negotiations with her to circle back and cream this Republican.

Perp Four voted twice and admitted to it, because “they told me it was okay.” Exactly who the “they” are is subject to debate. The DA is looking at the optics and has (thus far) decided that prosecuting this admitted felon might not be worth the risk to his political aspirations. According to the State Board of Elections website, the Perp is a black female in her mid thirties and a Democrat, so we’ll mark this one as “pending.” We want the DA to realize that win-or-lose…the public needs to understand the cost to society when people attempt vote fraud. We hope he will be part of the solution.

Perp Five fled the state. We want this guy more than any, because he was a three-time offender (2004, 2008 and 2012) who then requested his name be removed from the voter rolls. As a result, we could not find him on the State Board of Election website; but we still found him through the help of one of our resident smart guys (Dr. Mark Merry). When the detective threatened to issue a felony warrant on this perp, he practically taunted the detective and said, “I just won’t come back to North Carolina, then.” We have his last known whereabouts in three states and have contacts in all three who are looking for him. When we find him, we plan to notify law enforcement in that state. The perp has been issued a felony warrant, but his name cannot be made public until the warrant is actually served by a law enforcement type. He was registered as Unaffiliated in NC and “no party affiliation” in Florida.

While this all seems a tad discouraging and may only lead to a few prosecutions at best, please keep in mind that this is only the first few snowflakes in what will one day be an avalanche. We’ve since referred 149 additional cases of FLANC voters to the State Board of Elections and they are being investigated by law enforcement officials in multiple jurisdictions. The SBoE also has the Interstate Crosscheck cases to sort out. A cool 765 of which had a matching first name, last name, DOB and last four of their SSN, so some of those will result in prosecution. And (lest we forget) there is the small matter of 35,750 suspected double voters whose first name, last name and DOB matched, but they either didn’t give their SSN or they provided fake numbers (which nobody ever checks anyway).

So, the key takeaway is that NC needs more investigative resources or there won’t be very many prosecutions and without prosecutions, the “Progressives” get to continue running around denying the existence of vote fraud. Let’s get to the bottom of this!



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