The Queen’s Law

Mar 11, 2022  (Elizabethtown, NC) An email landed in the VIP mailbox, this week, exposing how NC State Board of Elections Chief Counsel Katelyn Love tortured the law in order to clean up the messes created by rogue County Boards of Elections (CBE), like the one made by Bladen CBE board “member,” Patricia Shepard.

Love’s email puzzled me into contacting the victim in this hyper-partisan mugging, county GOP Chairman Wayne

Click image to see how Queen Shepard rules.

Schaffer, who encouraged me to drive down and attend that night’s board meeting to see for myself how that board illegally placed Democrats into seven of the county’s 17 precinct judge positions set aside for Republicans.


At issue was NCGS §163-41, a section of NC election law that lays out the precinct staffing process.

Realizing the difficulty in recruiting Republican activists in some neighborhoods, our Legislature made sure NOT to prohibit the appointment of “any” poll judges from outside the precinct. Those judges still have to live inside the county; but not the precinct.

This law encourages appointing judges from within their precinct by allowing them to get full two-year contracts. Any out-of-precinct (or “nonresident”) judges only get temporary contracts and they can be removed as soon as their party Chairman locates a replacement living within the precinct.

NCGS §163-41(a)

But apparently, there is another law in play that we’ve been unable to locate in NC’s General Statutes. It’s the law according the board “member” Patricia Shepard. We place that word, member, in quotes because, by all accounts, she is the de facto Chairman of the Board, only without the responsibilites.

It’s Good to be Queen

But by her actions the night I attended, her spouting off of an otherwise unknown version of North Carolina’s election law made me suspect that giving Shepard the title of “Board Chairman” might be seen as in insult: It’s simply beneath her.

We watched as Ms. Shepard declared what was and was not the law, while the “real” Board Chairman and Board Secretary quietly sat like palace courtiers in the presence of their queen. They never questioned her edicts and the County Attorney, Allen Johnson apparently knew the consequences for crossing a Queen so he defended her.

Like Alice’s Queen of Hearts , Queen Shepard lays down the law in Bladen County.

Daring to disrupt the decorum, Republican Board member, Emery White, was the only subject peasant brave enough to object as Shepard misstated the law, but she scoffed at his concern by saying, “you do not understand correctly.” Then she doubled down on inventing new law.

We hear the prior meeting featured her declaring Schaeffer’s seven nonresident candidates to be “unqualified.” Then, Queen Shepard directed the Democrat majority board to ignore break the law that says, the county board “must appoint” Shaeffer’s qualified applicant.

So, after skipping that law, the Queen reportedly decreed that Schaeffer’s seven Republicans be replaced by Democrat Judges, which violated another silly suggestion statute (§163-41(a)) which says, “Not more than one judge in each precinct shall belong to the same political party as the chief judge.”

By brute force, Shepard rigged the staffing and undermined public trust in the Democratic process. As a result, seven of Bladen County’s seventeen precincts have three Democrat judges and no Republican judges.

Queen Shepard’s tactics in breaking two laws was too brazen to ignore.

First, she ignored the mandatory appointment language by loudly proclaiming Schaeffer’s list was “insufficient.”

With all due respect, your highness, you are wrong.

He submitted 17 precinct judges for his 17 precincts, which the law allows, and he did it one week before the deadline. Also, following Part A of the statute, all of them were citizens of Bladen County; and following Part B’s qualifications, they were neither political candidates nor elected public officials.

Thus, all 17 of Schaeffer’s nominees were fully “qualified.”

No worries. Queen Shepard simply said they’re not and then forced the seven Democrats into the Republican slots. She did this for one reason: Queens do that!

Want proof? Then click here.

Enter Katelyn Love

NCSBE Chief Counsel Katelyn Love holds the most thankless job in Raleigh.

Gobsmacked by their audacity, Schaeffer asked NC State Board of Elections (NCSBE) Chief Counsel, Katelyn Love to unscrew the mess and that was a mistake.

His quaint notion involved believing Ms. Love could somehow keep her job if she dared to stop a Democrat election board from beating up Republicans.

He forgot that poor Ms. Love works for Karen Brisson-Bell, who answers to former NCSBE Executive Director Gary Bartlett.

Schaeffer forgot how Bartlett was appointed by our state’s last Jim Crow Governor, Jim Hunt, and in those days, defending any Republican would get you fired . . . at best.

Schaeffer forgot how Hunt’s party killed people for teaching slaves how to read and he forgot that it was Republicans who set up the Underground Railroad.

Jim Crow don’t play that.

So instead of sanity, all Love could offer was some pretzel logic, made up on the fly.

We need to add Ms. Love to all our prayer lists because, as consigliere for this mob, the only way to keep her job is to cover for Democrat lawlessness, no matter how brazen the offense.

Jump off this sinking ship!

It’s a tough gig because cognitive dissonance can take its toll out on one’s mental health. She must protect the election cartel. . . or else. Never forget, somebody even killed Tom Hagan!

One response from an unnamed high ranking SBE official was to drink heavily the night before giving legislaive testimony.

Others responded by quitting!

One attorney in Love’s positon fled as soon as the Democrat Governor fired his Director.

Another attorney resigned as Chairman of the Board, possibly because he saw behind the curtain.

But now we’re back. It’s the New Jim-Crow era and nothing has changed.

SBE attorney, Kelly Tournow, already escaped around the same time her agency lost an ugly appeal in federal court which forced them to stop their hiding non-citizens voters.

So here’s some unsolicited advice for Ms. Love: Run!

You used to be nice. Don’t become another Allison Riggs and lose your soul.

I’m sure your paycheck is fat, but Proverbs 23:1-3 (NIV) has something to say about that:


When you sit to dine with a ruler,

note well what is before you,

and put a knife to your throat

if you are given to gluttony.

Do not crave his delicacies,

for that food is deceptive.