Racial Gerrymandering by Another Name

[Note: Today is the third day of a video podcast series that features Voter Integrity Project co-founder, Jay DeLancy. The plan is to produce one each day, beginning with a live feed (currently) on DeLancy’s Facebook page, which features the audio narrative accompanying a series of screen shots, which are shown in the video, that’s ultimately posted under the “Daily Podcast” tab on our menu. We’ve yet to land an audio platform for the podcasts, but we’ll let you know when we get there.]

(Sep 22, 2021) Sanford, NC–The “nonpartisan” redistricting commission myth reared its ugly head again, as Raleigh’s leftist television station, WRAL, published the proper virtue signals for budding activists to use when pressuring Democrats and RINOs into rigging NC’s elections for a California-style veto-proof “Progressive” majority will into the future.

Today’s podcast began with the WRAL editorial and transitioned to expose the well-funded organization behind the agenda. Then, we blew up their lies with the proof of how the “nonpartisan redistricting commission” trick actually works in the real world. We then closed with some solid talking points and action steps for patriots who want to push back.

Today’s Program Notes

WRAL fired the first shot by exposing the Left’s orchestrated efforts across the state. The “news” hook is that the NC Legislature is holding public hearings in each of our state’s 13 Congressional districts and all of the speakers–brought there by the League of Women Voters–are begging for “nonpartisan” redistricting.  https://www.wral.com/editorial-citizens-are-speaking-up-to-legislators-adopt-non-partisan-redistricting-now/19888485/

Like unicorns, “nonpartisan” redistricting is a myth.

Hearings in 2019 covered this issue, and we suggested pressing the angle that Chief Justice Roberts made at the federal level: The federal courts have no dog in this fight. But, since he didn’t bar the state courts from exercising Judicial Gerrymandering, it was game on for the likes of Eric Holder and Mark Elias. https://voterintegrityproject.com/redistricting-hearing-begs-for-adult-involvement/


Former President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder are featured in this site, revealing the Democrat redistricting strategy in broad god-like terms and to recruit volunteers.

VIP covered extensively how this issue is being used to flip ten key battleground states and turn the US into the next Venezuela. https://voterintegrityproject.com/gerrymandering-stratgey-redefines-fair/

Democrats lay out their strategy at this link: https://www.allontheline.org/?fbclid=IwAR0ivDxr0f6E-yzYVfcB4IKlxg9dp1Epkc9365zZw6pVwZVwZxA2-Vi6IAk#states

Research by Heritage Foundation’s Hans Von Spakovsky and the Capital Research Center’s Michael Watson blows up the myth of “nonpartisan” and both are linked inside this article. https://voterintegrityproject.com/research-blows-up-the-myth-of-nonpartisan-redistricting/

Using the real life example of California, this amazing article shows exactly how the Left conquered California, destroyed their state’s two-party system, and turned that state into an unaccountable, unstoppable, one-party communist country. Finish this sentence: “As goes California, so goes _____.” I recommend you print off this Pro Publica report, read it, re-read it, highlight it, and teach your neighbors and lawmakers about it.   https://www.propublica.org/article/how-democrats-fooled-californias-redistricting-commission

An NCGA insider confessed to me that what’s driving this RINO sell-out effort is that politicians hate seeing their names listed as defendants in lawsuits. It’s bad for their future employment. We sympathize, but if they can’t stand the heat, maybe they should show courage and play offense for a while. At any rate, the Left has used that fact to beat true RINOs into submission. In 2019, NC House leadership pushed a unilateral surrender on outsourcing their redistricting duties to a “nonpartisan” commission. Their bill’s language exposes the racial agenda of their entire plan and exploits racial polarization to a new level.  https://voterintegrityproject.com/the-last-battle/

You can find all of these stories and more by visiting our site and typing the word “redistricting” into our site search engine. https://voterintegrityproject.com/?s=redistricting

As a bonus, you can even read how Virginia RINOs fooled their party into supporting a California-style redistricting commission model, thus guaranteeing a veto-proof Democrat majority in the Old Dominion for at least the next 50 years. https://voterintegrityproject.com/goodby-virginia/

Their argument: “If you don’t make redistricting all about race, then you’re a racist.”

Language to repel this myth: “Nonpartisan” gerrymandering is a code word for “racial” gerrymandering. If you don’t believe me, look at the actual wording of their proposed laws. Bills like NC’s HB 140 and the Pro Publica article expose “nonpartisan redistricting” as the Left’s latest ruse to fool the masses and let them steal a country they clearly cannot win in a fairly held election.

Their reasoning goes that “if you don’t make redistricting all about race, then you’re a racist.”

If our Legislature’s leadership had the courage to own up to their constitutional duties, they would set racially-blind, partisan maps, and fight the judicial overreach as if their lives depended on it.

But wait: It’s not their lives on the line. It’s ours.