Raleigh Civil Rights Event Needs Ground Truth


Feb 1, 2018 (Raleigh) Click here for the latest itinerary for tomorrow’s array of panel discussions. It’s an all-star list of speakers at the free event, so we hope to see you there! 


Jan 18, 2018 (Raleigh) Yesterday, we received details on the “US Commission of Civil Rights Public Briefing,” to be held at Raleigh’s Crabtree Marriott, Friday, Feb. 2, and parts of the agenda may worry election integrity advocates.

On the bright side, John Fund, our favorite journalist on the the issue of election integrity, will be a featured panelist.

Way back in 2012, John had more hair than I did, but he could catch up with me one day.

In 2004, John wrote a consequential book called Stealing Elections, and updated it in 2008. In 2012, he partnered with the brilliant Heritage Foundation legal scholar, Hans von Spakovsky to write the equally historic, Who’s Counting?. Both books have put vote-fraud deniers on their heels.

The only other potentially bright spot on the confirmed speakers’ list is Alabama Secretary of State, John Merrill. We’d love to think he will add value to the panels, but he seems hesitant to reform his state’s Jim-Crow era election laws.

Merrill’s biggest red flag involves a 99.9 percent statewide voter registration rate. 

While he may preen over such a nice looking headline, the national average is less than 70 percent. Alabama’s bloated voters rolls suggest shoddy voter list maintenance procedures and probably should invite a good NVRA Section 8 lawsuit, but we’ll save that for another day.

Adding to Merrill’s woes, is his inaction at making it any easier for the public inspection of the voter rolls. Only the very well connected can afford to see who’s actually voting in Alabama, because a complete list of voters costs more than $30,000. Note, in NC and FL, those public records are free for the asking, but Alabama charges a penny a voter.

And Those Are the Only Ones on Our Side!

The rest of their headlining panelists is a rogue’s gallery of people whose life work is to use George Soros’ money to destroy modest election integrity reforms, like voter ID.

Anita Earls heads up the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, a group that joined with the ACLU to litigate to death North Carolina’s biggest election reform law since state’s Jim-Crow lawmakers first rigged the system. A hint of her group’s attitude comes through a joint response to NC’s initial win in the lawsuit over HB 589. They appealed the decision, Scalia died, and an activist Appellate Court ignored the facts. Her side won. Hopefully, she’s above spiking the football.

Panelist, Vanita Gupta formerly headed up the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division under President Obama. Her agency’s see-no-evil approach to vote fraud and especially voter suppression poisoned the entire nation’s view toward elections. We hope she will finally publicly explain why they dropped the New Black Panthers case.

Gupta still owes the public answers on this travesty. (Click image for details.)

The final confirmed panel member who gives us concern is Sherrilyn Ifill. She is President and Director-Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, a group that used a $1 million grant from George Soros to eviscerate North Carolina’s voter ID efforts.

Part of the Left’s strategy is to find any activist groups that oppose them and use the legal system for a fishing expedition. It’s frivolous on their part, but the courts rarely award legal fees to the group they attack.

They even came after the Voter Integrity Project, but we successfully repelled her group’s legal demands for email, membership lists, briefings and all sorts of other records.

While their mischief managed to bleed us for thousands of dollars, we successfully defended their attack on our constitutional freedom to assemble.

All of those invited “experts” know the election integrity problems… but only from the top down. Nobody at these hearings represents the ground truth. In short, there are no “bottom-up” panels.

Let Your Voice Be Heard 

The biggest reason the Left wins any voter ID lawsuits is because their opponents use the wrong evidence. The Left brings people of tragic circumstances who couldn’t vote because they didn’t care about having valid ID until it was too late. And then they play the race card.

Instead of proving vote fraud, our side’s allotted time is spent trying to prove they’re not racists. The politicians and lawyers defending voter ID are too far removed from ground-level election work. Besides, (spoken with a syrupy Savannah drawl) “one simply does not discuss vote fraud in polite company.”

In the end, activist judges use the most bombastic (but pithy) sound bites to rule for their friends on the Left.

This is a great chance to get into the official record, the many illegal election-related acts so many have witnessed over the years, so please spread the word and plan to attend!

~ jd