GOP House fast tracks “crisis” bill that legalizes ballot harvesting

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 (Raleigh) This message is the Voter Integrity Project’s response to HB-1169, a bill the NC House of Representatives introduced just before a three-day weekend. Now they’re trying to fast-track it before the public realizes what’s in the bill. Their current plan is to shoot it through two House committee meetings tomorrow and get it passed over to the Senate by Thursday. Public comments are “invited” (at this site) until 8:00 AM tomorrow morning.

VIP Co-Founder, Jay DeLancy

I am Jay DeLancy, founder of Voter Integrity Project – NC, a non-profit organization that has been fighting since 2011 for greater transparency in the elections process.

What would you think if I told you “the bulk of voter fraud occurs absentee”?

Would you call me “crazy”?

Well, don’t take my word for it. That bold announcement came from North Carolina’s Attorney General, Democrat Josh Stein.

But we don’t know how he knows this. We’ve only seen one case of absentee ballot fraud made public in recent memory. How many more cases of absentee ballot fraud did Stein and his staff refuse to prosecute? We don’t know, because our laws hide that information from public oversight. Instead, they sweep those prosecutions… or lack of… under the rug . . . unless they can find a way to use it against a Republican. [Pause]

So just last year, we watched the State Board of Elections conduct show trials on ballot harvesting. With surgical precision, the Governor’s employees ignored evidence of massive ballot harvesting in Robeson County and even more ballot harvesting in Mecklenburg’s House District 103.

Perkins-Coie Attorney Marc Elias

Instead, their Cracker Jack investigators had to leak confidential documents to conjure up evidence. Eventually, they smeared Congressman-Elect, Mark Harris in the press so badly that a Perkins-Coie attorney named Marc Elias… remember that name… Marc Elias rolled into town and tricked Harris into resigning his job over a supposed ballot-harvesting scheme that—to this day—Josh Stein has not prosecuted.

After Harris resigned, gleeful Democrats proudly joined Republicans to enact the most effective voter fraud law they’ve passed since 2013.

It was Senate Bill 683 [SL 2019-239] and it had a great name: “Combat Absentee Ballot Fraud.”

By a combined vote of 160 to 1, the Democrats joined Republicans in passing the badly needed reform. Maybe Democrats thought it just was another “pretend bill.”

But I guess they heard from the Russians and George Soros and realized their mistake. You see, originally inserted into 2018’s so-called “voter ID law,” SB 683 let stand a provision that really DID combat voter fraud! And THAT was a problem for Democrats.*

But suddenly… the Democrats brought back Marc Elias!

Yup… he came in and sued over one pesky provision of the law. It was the part that pretty much doubled the cost of absentee vote-buying.

You see, in the past, they only needed one Democrat to roam through a neighborhood and harvest ballots. Thanks to the “voter ID” bill language, repeated in SB 683, it now takes TWO Democrats for this dirty work.*

Anyway, Democrats were desperate to stop this law because it doubled the cost of stealing elections.

But then a not-so-funny thing happened.

Along comes Ten-Percenter Holly Grange sponsoring legislation that gives away all election security measures… MEASURES the Legislature passed just one year ago!

We have three words: Just say NO!

What is Holly Grange’s new normal?

Is it complete strangers controlling your local precinct on Election Day?

Is it out-of-state college students hand delivering absentee ballots from nursing homes?

Is it Soros-funded activists witnessing absentee ballots?

Is it Russians requesting absentee ballots through fax machines and email?

Or even better… is it Russians just clicking away for absentee ballots at an on-line website?

What could possibly go wrong?!

Do we really want the new normal to be Marc Elias stealing elections?

George Soros buying elections?

Or just this once… Ten Percent Grange LEGALIZING the theft of elections?

I’ll tell you what… HB 1169…? Just say NO.

~ jd

* Correction: A previous version of this post incorrectly said the two-witness rule was created in SH 683. It was created in 2018’s voter ID law, SL 2018-144. The video of the speech, containing the incorrect information, has been removed. We apologize for the error.