Reaping Vulnerable Voters

[Note: Clarification/correction added new link to Roanoke Rapids story after original newspaper removed theirs.]

Oct 21, 2016–RALEIGH–Of all the complaints we received from voters who contact us to report vote fraud, nothing burns my bacon more than Democrat (so-called) “care workers” who drag mentally incompetent people into the voting process.

I’m not talking about people who actually keep up with vapid stars who are famous because they’re celebrities (or are they celebrities because their famous?). No. I’m talking about people who have been declared “mentally incompetent” by a court of law.

Just as we reported in 2012, when a Roanoke Rapids man’s daughter was dragged to the polls from an Easter Seals group home and ordered to vote. The ward was an adult with the brain of a four-year-old. When her dad asked her who she voted for, she started clapping like a trained seal and said “Obama Obama Obama!”

A spokesman for the employer of the child abusers denied all actions and the story went away after the election. shortly thereafter, the staff’s treatment of her forced the 70-something year-old-father to bring his daughter back home.

Meanwhile, Back to today . . .

Fast forward to this past week and we’ve already received two disturbing calls indicating the same sort of vote harvesting is in play again for 2016.

The first was a man whose mother is a late-stage Alzheimer’s patient in a nursing home in Hoke County. He noted, quite by accident, that a large stack of absentee ballots came from that Alzheimer’s unit and that someone in the Hoke County Democrat Party who is also a member of a group, called “the Hoke County Civic League,” had requested a ballot for his mother.

Not surprisingly, she had no recollection of  wanting a ballot  and no idea who was running for president. She told her son that nursing home staff members took her to “do some paperwork.” When he investigated at the home, one of the low-level workers explained that a highly partisan team came through telling all these wards what to do and for whom to vote.

America's attitude toward the rights of the mentally incompetent was improved by the impact of this movie, but there is such a thing as giving mentally incompetent people certain rights (like voting or sexual consent) for the purposes of abusing them.

America’s attitude toward the rights of the mentally incompetent was improved by the impact of this movie, but there is such a thing as giving mentally incompetent people certain rights (like voting or sexual consent) for the purposes of abusing them.

At first, the nursing home staff denied any wrongdoing, but eventually, they threw the Activities Director under the bus for allowing the illegal vote harvesting operation to happen.

Mr. Nunn eventually filed a complaint with the SBOE, but we do not have any further information at this time.

How the Law Fails to Protect These People

The legislature attempted to address this problem during the 2013-2014 session by instituting something called multi partisan assistance team. Click here to see how you can legally and ethically assist nursing home occupants to vote. The idea was that any nursing home requesting assistance could get a bipartisan group of trained non-partisan registrars to visit their home and take care of the voting all in one stop.

Hoke County Director of Elections, Ms. Caroline Shook, told Mr. Nunn that no teams were summoned to that nursing home. (We have reached out to Ms. Shook, but have not yet heard back.) Rather than requesting a MAT, the nursing home staff invited a Democrat activist group to harvest votes from all of their elderly patients.

Note: According to NC DHSR, Hoke County lists two adult-care homesm with a combined 165 licensed beds. According to our analysis of the agency data, there are 37,566 adult-care beds in NC. 

But wait! There’s More!!

The second case we’ve opened involves a lovable but incompetent young lady with a more severe type of Down Syndrome. Clearly, there are plenty of inspiring such patients with enough mental capability to vote . . . but that wasn’t this.

According to her mother (also her court-appointed guardian), an employee at Wake Tech Community College told a classroom full of special-ed children, “Donald Trump is icky! You have to vote for Hillary Clinton!” And then they trained these precious children to the polls by taking them through a mock election.

Trusting such authority figures, the woman’s daughter did just as she was told and voted for Hillary. She could have been manipulated into voting for “burdensome people” to be thrown into gas chambers just as easily. They have no way of knowing the impact of their vote, but so-called “Progressive” activist will accuse people like me of wanting to take away their right to vote. Truth is, I want to take away the ability of those Progressive activists to steal their vote. Of course, that makes me the bad guy.

Granted, there are many people walking the streets who decided their vote for even more shallow reasons than those described above, but in these cases, the voters were legally adjudicated to be mentally incompetent. But, in North Carolina, they still get to vote.

In 2013, we pushed hard to get the legislature to fix this problem and make NC law as it is in South Carolina. Under their statutes, any voter who has been adjudicated to be mentally incompetent must show the court that they’re qualified to vote. We pushed hard to mimic that law in our state, but finally heard back from a disappointed lawmaker who explained that it can’t be changed that easily in NC,

Why? Because, this travesty of humanity is brought to you by the North Carolina Constitution.

The only way to protect the rights of mentally incompetent people under our law in North Carolina is to change the Constitution. That doesn’t mean the task is impossible, but it does mean it will take longer to accomplish.

So, here’s what you can do to protect the rights of any mentally incompetent relatives:

First, if you have any friends or relatives who are mentally incompetent and unable to function independently, pay attention to their voting rights. You may look up the condition of their ballot at the State Board of Elections site or by clicking here.

Second, as an added precaution, please consider filming them as you ask them to discuss the election and whether or not they want to vote. Hopefully you won’t need this footage, but if someone harvests their vote, it will be nice to have the footage in court.

Third, the longer-term solution is to share that video footage with people like us at VIP and we will use that information to influence legislators into stopping the civil-rights raping of the weakest in our society.