Oops! Voter Fraud Ring Confirmed in Robeson County

Go back to sleep . . . It’s only a story about high school athletics . . . Nothing to see . . . Move along.

The Greensboro News & Record ran with this blaring headline late last night:

Mebane couple jailed after allegedly presenting fraudulent documents for student athlete’s admission

WTVD’s headline also chased the petty crime while ignoring the big picture:


(We will update this site if WRAL decides they cannot suppress this story any better; but as of 3 PM, on May 17, 2016, there’s still nothing to see.) Both headlines redirected the public from the FAR bigger stories involved that affect all of us: human trafficking and possibly registering their slaves as voters.

Brandi K. Thomason

Brandi Kauilani Thomason

Aris Hines

Aris Lamont Hines
















Brandi Kauilani Thomason, 33, and her fiance of Aris Lamont Hines, 37, both face charges of “felony common law obstruction of justice and obtaining property by false pretense.”

Wait a minute! That doesn’t  sound charges somebody would would face for faking a few documents just to get their “student athlete” into the right school!!!!

(TRIGGER WARNING: If you believe there is no vote fraud in North Carolina, stop reading this page now.)

To their credit, WTVD did report this, but they buried it near the bottom of their page.


[Alamance County Sheriff] Johnson also said he got a call Tuesday morning from Robeson County District Attorney Luther Johnson Britt about Hines. Johnson said Britt has been investigating Hines – who is believed to be from Maxton in Robeson County – after he was found living with 18 young men in one house. Hines allegedly enrolled them in local schools and even registered them to vote. Johnson said the whereabouts of some of those young men is also unknown.”

The 18 young men living in his house were the same ones who were caught abusing the Same Day Registration (SDR) law AND the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), voter law, in a 2013 Lumberton City Council race, pitting the incumbent, Allen Griffin Dail, against challenger, Theresa Locklear.

The race caught our eye when news accounts said the vote fraud extended to “several young men who came from out of state to attend a basketball program, managed to cast ballots because they were mistakenly registered during one-stop absentee voting.” Their “coach” was none other than the esteemed, Aris Hines. (See p. 55 of this transcript).

What amazed us then and now was how his “students” all showed up at the BOE to vote under SDR with post-dated leases as proof of residence. When the acting Director, Tina Bledsoe, blew the whistle on their bogus documents; not because they might have been forged, but because they are not a lawful form of HAVA ID.

Undeterred, “Coach” Hines took the young men away in the same van they arrived in and took them fishing.

“Fishing?!” You might say, “How do you know they went fishing?”

Well, they must have, because they all returned to the polls before the Nov 18 protest hearing with 15-day temporary fishing licenses.

Fishing license

To see a PDF of all 12 fishing licenses, please click here.

Things I’ve always wondered about that whale of a tale included:

  1. Why would a bunch of young men in a basketball academy suddenly decide to go fishing in November?
  2. Who paid for all of those $15.00 licenses?
  3. What sort of proof of identity or residency is required in obtaining a fishing license’ and finally?
  4. Is a fishing license really a lawful form of voter ID?

Given “Coach” Hines’ arrest in Alamance County, I think we now have some answers:

  1. They didn’t go fishing, but were abusing the HAVA ID laws so they could vote in that election.
  2. This is still unknown, but I’m guessing it’s the same person who gave them bogus leases at first.
  3. These were on-line licenses, so none was required.
  4. Sadly . . . yes. And they’re still legal under NC voter ID law if the voter first makes a lame excuse about not having his (or her) photo ID.

So . . . what now?

While prosecuting the good “coach,” we hope the Robeson DA will take a look at NCGS § 163-275 (13), because it declares as a felony, “For any person falsely to make or present any certificate or other paper to qualify any person fraudulently as a voter, or to attempt thereby to secure to any person the privilege of voting . . .”



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(H/T to NC Fire for bringing WTVD story to our attention.)