Resetting the DOJ Investigation

[Note: Late last week, we sent this message to several NC media outlets. Now, we ask that you please share it with your friends!]

DOJ Voter Fraud Prosecutions 

Sep 20, 2018 (RALEIGH, NC) – We applaud the efforts of the Department of Justice Eastern District and the DBFTF strike force. We thank NC Attorney General, Josh Stein in his recent acknowledgment of a quote “bulk of voter fraud” and look forward to his prosecution of said fraud and anyone who is facilitating these civil rights crimes. Vote theft and the facilitation of voter fraud are civil rights violations that erode the very foundation of our Republic and cannot be tolerated.

Whether it is the prosecution of Republican Pasco Parker of Rutherford County for voting in Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina or the non-prosecution of Democrat Gilbert Rowe of Yancey County for voting in Florida and North Carolina, the law is in effect 365 days a year and we encourage Western District US Attorney, Andrew Murray, to do his job and get this civil rights crime in front of a federal grand jury. (Witness Rowe’s Florida televised confession by clicking here.)

Protection of all voter rights is a core competency the American people should demand of every prosecutor.





Link to Stein quote: https://voterintegrityproject.com/stein-admits-voter-fraud/

Link to Parker’s prosecution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8FshPfJok8

Link to Rowe’s confession: https://youtu.be/uelIr-ps3qw