At last . . . voter ID becomes law in NC.

(Raleigh, NC)—AUG 12, 2013—“North Carolina took a giant leap forward today when Governor McCrory signed the voter ID bill into law,” said Jay DeLancy, Executive Director for the Voter Integrity Project of NC. “After it takes effect in 2016, North Carolina will join 18 states and free nations around the world, like Mexico, Kenya, and virtually all  developed countries with this modest safeguard.”

While most of the law takes effect in January 2014, full enforcement of voter ID begins in 2016. The Voter Integrity Project of NC had opposed delaying any of the law because of the potential for more vote fraud during the interim.

“We celebrate today’s news and thank our supporters from all across the state who demanded a real voter ID law when it seemed unlikely,” said DeLancy, “but tomorrow we all need to roll up our sleeves and get back to the work of preventing fraudulent elections.”

The group advises concerned citizens to contact their County Boards of Election in order to apply for paid part-time positions as Election Assistants or even Election Judges.

“A few times a year, those public servants sacrifice a great deal of time and energy for our freedom,” he said, “but the duty rarely infringes on any full-time work the employees might otherwise have.”

Numerous polls have shown widespread support for the voter ID measures, even among Democrats, and the League of Women Voters filed suit along with the ACLU and other left-wing groups almost immediately after the bill was signed, but DeLancy doubts their complaints will affect the outcome.

“This law is mostly a collection of measures already approved in other states,” he said, “but those who thrive on fraud and electoral chaos will always fight measures that increase ballot box integrity.”