DeLancy Response to Friday’s 4th Circuit Ruling

20150320_185320July 29, 2016 (Raleigh) — Today’s 4th Circuit decision makes it easier for criminal enterprises to exploit North Carolina’s fraud-friendly election laws. The court scoffed at the heartfelt concern for election integrity; and instead, demanded further proof that vote fraud exists before they will allow preventative laws to survive. To that we say, be careful what you ask for!

So, here are some immediate actions Voter Integrity Project will take:

1-Review and update the corrective strategies we initially recommended in May 2013, when we thought voter ID was lost. There are several Administrative Code the State Board of Elections can enact that would have a minimal impact on honest voters but will create an evidence trail for people trying to steal extra votes. 28

2-Fast track our training program while rallying concerned citizens to step up and help insuring election officials follow proper procedures. As a bonus, our training will offer suggestions for observers, greeters and even election officials on how to properly document the evidence of vote fraud when they see the crime in progress.

3-Fast track our work on a VIP documentary that exposes some of the “who” and the “how” vote fraud has been conducted in North Carolina and other states, with the goal of motivating positive responses by both citizens and law enforcement personnel.

On a personal note, there are several places in today’s ruling that made me want to pull my hair out, so I’ll have to cool off before critiquing their judicial doublespeak.

~ Jay DeLancy

Washington Post story on 4th Circuit’s ruling in NAACP v. McCrory