Returned mail blows up SBE propaganda

Oct 4, 2021 (Short brief of today’s podcast.

Q: What does an odd piece of returned mail, an NCSBE tweet, and a Judicial Watch lawsuit have in common?

A: Corrupt voter list procedures that are designed to facilitate ghost voting.

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Two days ago, VIP’s Chief Wizard received a letter, marked “not deliverable to the addressed.” It had been mailed 19 months ago in a research project we conducted during the March 2020 special elections and it shows all we need to know about our state’s failed electoral process..

The letter was sent in a funded VIP research project that we reported here. At the same time, we notified lawmakers and election officials, calling it “proof” that our voter verification process is designed to engorge the voter rolls with people who either don’t realize they’re still registered to vote or who registered with intent to commit fraud.

Our electoral system is broken so badly that any election can be stolen by a small, organized, criminal enterprise.

Here are the links to today’s video podcast:

Details of our lawsuit against the Wake County Board of Elections (Wake CBE).

Judicial Watch’s similar efforts in this area of election law .

VIP’s 2020 research proving the design failure of NC’s badly flawed Same-Day Registration (SDR) voting laws.

State law NCGS ยง163-82.7, which facilitates persons illegally voting under SDR, by saying their registration “shall not be denied . . . in an election unless the Postal Service has returned as undeliverable two notices to the applicant.”

How long do those two mailings take? Well, for one voter, the first mailing took nearly 19 months.

Meanwhile today, NCSBE propaganda talks about a 30-day cut-off date for registrations and their unenforced regulations involving where a voter is supposed to vote.

Thanks to our state’s fraud-friendly SDR law, anybody can vote from anywhere by registering as late as the final Saturday before Tuesday’s election.

Both election officials and elected officials are well aware this gaping loophole can subvert any close elections.

Now YOU know!

What are you going to do about it!