Robbing Mentally Incompetent NC Voters… Chicago Style

Progressive groups chant that photo ID is “a problem in search of a solution,” as they scoff at the entire notion of vote fraud. Terrified of any election law reform, they impute evil intentions for those of us who stand against election fraud.

So the time has come to explain the historical origins of modern North Carolina election fraud and oddly enough…it started in Chicago!

The 1960 Presidential election is just a background story. For decades, rumors swirled that Chicago Mayor, Richard J. Daley stole enough votes to help Kennedy win Illinois from Nixon by 8,858 votes, and those Electoral College votes swung the entire election.

Fraud deniers argue that Kennedy also needed Texas in order to win, so we shouldn’t discount the role of Vice-President Johnson’s famed “cemetery voters” in the mix; but the bottom line is that nothing was proven from that suspicious election. After all, Kennedy and Johnson became the next two Presidents.

But 22 years later, still in Chicago, a Grand Jury investigation changed everything.

It started when “Big Jim” Thompson eked out a 5,074 victory over Adlai Stephenson III. The final polls predicted Thompson winning by 15 percent, but the margin turned out to one-hundred time smaller: 0.14 percent.

The slim difference raised eyebrows, but the investigation didn’t start until a worker, who had stolen votes in exchange for a City of Chicago job, complained to a newspaper and to the FBI agent that he didn’t get his promised job.

US Attorneys and FBI agents investigated and a Federal Grand Jury eventually convicted 63 people of stealing “at least” 100,000 votes.

That entire Grand Jury proceeding served as a how-to guide for people stealing elections. A detailed report on the subject is available here, but today we will address just one Chicago technique and we will show how came to North Carolina.

Illinois law allowed election judges to be hired by their party bosses instead of the County, so the party boss directed Precinct Judges to ignore the wishes of “crazy people” from the nursing homes and mental hospitals.The patients may have screamed out the name of any particular candidate, but the corrupt workers would “assist” them by voting a straight-Democratic ticket.

The Grand Jury found that just one Democratic Party Precinct Captain and two corrupt Precinct Judges stole 52 votes in less than two hours. When asked how they learned the practice, the perps said their predecessors had taught them.

It was at that point when the FBI agent in-charge said he realized how the Kennedy election was stolen.

Thirty years later, in North Carolina, stealing votes from people legally declared “mentally incompetent” is impossible to prosecute! The Voter Integrity Project received numerous eyewitness accounts of voters with no concept of reality who were on being “assisted” at the polls.

One can only imagine what behavioral conditioning it would take to prepare someone with an IQ below 50 to vote, but it happened quite a bit in our state.

Some observers saw non-communicative nursing home patients being “assisted” in the voting enclosure by the person responsible for feeding them, giving them meds or even changing their diaper.

Outraged, we researched the law and learned that South Carolina’s voter registration application prohibits anybody from voting who was adjudged “mentally incompetent” unless the voter could prove that the court specifically granted the right to vote.

In North Carolina, the opposite applies: Any mentally incompetent person can vote “unless” the court explicitly takes away that right.

We asked our Legislature to adopt the SC rule, and were told that such a restriction would require an amendment to the state’s Constitution. Senator Bill Cook sponsored the amendment; but all of the drama over voter ID caused the leadership to punt.

Cook’s amendment died in committee, but the initiative did not. Instead, G.S. 163-226.3(a)(4) barred coercion (or “assistance”) from “an owner, manager, director, employee of the hospital, clinic, nursing home, or rest home in which the voter is a patient or resident.”

The measure was tougher in earlier language, but “advocates” for mentally incompetent voters (ARC and ACLU) worked hard to water it down, making it legal for an employee from ARC or from another nursing home to “assist” the patients.

Unless North Carolina’s constitution is amended to protect these vulnerable voters, this method of Chicago-style election theft will play a big role in future elections, so check back at our website for mitigation strategies concerned citizens can take.


Note: The best summary of the 1982 Chicago Grand Jury investigations was written by Hans Von Spakovsky, a career election lawyer who does brilliant legal research in the area of election law and vote fraud. His report can be found on our website at https://voterintegrityproject.com/?attachment_id=634