SB 250 Clears Legislature; Heads to Cooper’s Veto Pen

Oct 30, 2019 (Raleigh) Senate Bill 250, a measure that would force the NC Courts to tell election officials whenever people are disqualified (or excused) from jury duty because of their non-citizen status, cleared a major hurdle today by a 29 to 21 Senate vote. It now heads to a Governor . . . whose expected veto may define his views toward non-citizen voters for the rest of his life.

Representative George Cleveland (R-Onslow County) has sponsored similar bills pushing this initiative in every legislative long session since 2013 and his tenacity is the only reason it has ever been considered.

Picture of Rep Cleveland
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Cleveland, in his 17th year as a lawmaker, first joined the Legislature, after a 25-year Marine career, rising to the highest enlisted rank in the military, Master Gunnery Sergeant.

The Senate sponsors for this year’s bill were Senators Joyce Krawiec, Norman Sanderson, and Jim Burgin, with co-sponsors, Warren Daniel and Chuck Edwards.

Among the key arguments the Democrats used in the debate, “the race card played heavily,” said Voter Integrity Project’s Jay DeLancy, “but this is about non-citizen voters and we think the public appreciates that fact.”

The Democrats also chanted their poetry about this law being “a problem in search of a solution,” but such artful language ignores the fact that non-citizen voting is a very big problem in North Carolina.

According to the Washington Post, a 2014 Old Dominion University study found a significant level of non-citizens are voting nationwide and estimated enough non-citizens voted in NC that it exceeded the margin of Barak Obama’s 14,000-vote victory.

Moving from academic estimates to actual findings, a 2011 NC SBE internal audit found 1,425 noncitizens registered to vote in NC, so noncitizen voting is a very real problem in North Carolina.

Despite such warning signs, NC election officials have already admitted they have no procedures for identifying and removing noncitizen voters. Passing SB 250 will be NC’s first law designed to address the problem head-on.

There were other spurious charges leveled against SB 250, but they were easily dismissed since Florida already has similar laws and the detection-removal process in NC mirrors current procedures for detecting and removing felons who are prohibited from voting in NC until their full sentence is complete.

“We especially thank Representative Cleveland and Senator Krawiec,” said DeLancy, ” and we encourage concerned citizens to contact the Governor’s office and warn him of the heavy price he will pay if he dares to veto a law that will detect and remove non-US citizens from the voter rolls. Either, he supports the lawful voters and taxpayers of North Carolina or he does not.”